“I know you will always carry with you the excellence, pride and honor of having been part of this unique institution-the Presidential General Staff.

Today I would like to pay a well-deserved tribute to those who have been part of this elite military corps, women and men of proven loyalty, strong discipline and a deep vocation for service, who, through their work have defended the principles of democracy, sovereignty and federalism”: EPN

At the ceremony held at Campo Marte, the president handed out insignias to 93 members of the EMP promoted to the next level.

The president declared that during these six years of work he was able to, “confirm the commitment, discipline and dedication of service that characterize each of the members of the Presidential General Staff”.

In this Administration, with the support of the personnel assigned to this elite body, "we made 68 international tours, 513 tours through the interior of the country and more than a thousand events in Mexico City. Without your support it would have been impossible to carry out these activities that required the presence of the President of the Republic in every corner of the country and in different parts of the world”.

“Mexicans clearly recall the images of the Presidential General Staff accompanying His Holiness, Pope Francis, during his visit to our country. In each of his 50 activities and in more than 300 kilometers of tours, the Presidential General Staff provided protection and attention for His Holiness”. EPN

The president also thanked, “Each of the members of the President’s Office. Each and every one of you accompanied the president of the Republic, in close collaboration, and today I can say friendship established with the Presidential General Staff and the Chief of the latter”.