In order to provide guidance and consular assistance to the families of Mexicans who die abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published a Guide for Transporting the Remains or Ashes of Mexicans Who Die Abroad for Disposition in Mexico.

The guide explains how to take advantage of the consular assistance made available by the Mexican government to all Mexicans abroad. It provides the answers to common concerns, in order to make the difficult process easier for families after the death of a loved one. The guide is especially useful during the current global COVID-19 pandemic. It explains the steps to follow in these difficult times and the assistance available to the family of the deceased.

If the deceased is a COVID-19 victim, the local authorities may require special procedures for preparing and releasing the remains. The Mexican Health Ministry has indicated that it is preferable to cremate the remains, as there is less of a health risk in handling the ashes and the cost is lower. However, if the family decides on burial in Mexico, the funeral home used abroad must comply with the guidelines for managing the bodies of COVID-19 victims in Mexico.

If financial assistance is needed, the family of the deceased must demonstrate that it is unable to cover the cost of sending the remains or ashes to Mexico. If available, the assistance provided by the consulate or embassy on behalf of the Mexican government only covers embalming or cremation and basic transportation services. The assistance is given directly to the service providers.

If there are no family members of the deceased present at the place of death, they should send an email to: to ensure that they receive the assistance they need before contacting the Foreign Ministry in Mexico to ask for information about the process.

The Government of Mexico reiterates that it is committed to assisting all Mexicans abroad and providing them with all necessary information and protection during the global pandemic.


Guide for Transporting the Remains or Ashes of Mexicans Who Die Abroad for Disposition in Mexico