• The Government of Mexico continues to promote collaboration with the Canadian government to ensure orderly, humane, safe and regular migration.

Canada is one of Mexico's main allies and strategic partners, and the sixth most important source of foreign direct investment in the country. We share enormous areas of agreement on the multilateral agenda and in our aspirations for peace, equality and global justice.

Similarly, Mexico has an intense agenda with the province of Quebec, not only economically, as its main Latin American partner, but also as regards culture, tourism, technology and science.

Our deeper relationship with both partners has created significant economic wellbeing for our peoples, and this dynamism has been accompanied by increased human mobility in all areas. This is part of a regional and global trend in which thousands of people move from one place to another on a daily basis, including hundreds of thousands who have arrived in Mexico in recent years. In 2023 alone, Mexico received more than 140,000 applications for refugee status.

During their bilateral meeting in November 2023, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau agreed to jointly address the issue of irregular migration. Both leaders agreed that migration is an important factor in development and that the challenges that exist around the world must be addressed constructively. There must be a comprehensive dialogue that addresses all the factors that lead to displacement.

Due to the concerns about the increased number of Mexican asylum seekers in recent months, in December 2023, we held the sixth interim meeting of the Mexico-Canada High-Level Dialogue on Human Mobility (Danmov), with a view to continue working to achieve orderly, humane, safe and regular migration. As a result of this meeting, we agreed to establish joint measures, which are making good progress, as reflected in the decreased number of asylum applications for the month of December.

We will continue to promote collaboration and look for new solutions that can address the legitimate concerns of Canada and its provinces and, in turn, maintain the dynamic human mobility between our nations, which strengthens the economic exchanges and growth in the region.

Mexico reaffirms its commitment to maintaining a constructive dialogue through our various bilateral mechanisms and current diplomatic channels to jointly address the issue and to ensure orderly, humane, safe and regular migration.