• All diplomatic personnel in Ecuador will return immediately to Mexico. Mexico demands the necessary guarantees from Ecuador for the departure of the Mexican personnel.

In view of the forcible break-in of the Mexican embassy by Ecuadorian police on the night of Friday, April 5, and in accordance with the instructions of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Mexico announces that it is breaking diplomatic relations with Ecuador.

"In consultation with the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and in view of the flagrant and serious violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, in particular of the principle of inviolability of Mexico’s diplomatic premises and personnel, and the basic rules of international coexistence, Mexico announces that it is immediately breaking diplomatic relations with Ecuador," said Foreign Secretary Alicia Bárcena Ibarra.

She added that Mexico’s diplomatic personnel in Ecuador would leave the country immediately, and that the necessary guarantees are expected for the departure of the Mexican personnel.

Mexico strongly condemns the acts of violence committed against the deputy chief of mission, Roberto Canseco Martínez, and the arbitrary arrest of former Vice President Jorge Glas Espinel, who was in the embassy and seeking political asylum due to the persecution he has been experiencing.

Mexico will appeal to the International Court of Justice and the pertinent regional and international bodies to denounce Ecuador’s violations of international law.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs demands a thorough investigation into the attack, and reiterates its commitment to the fight against all forms of violence.