At the eighth meeting of the Executive Steering Committee for 21st Century Border Management, the Deputy Attorney General for Legal and International Affairs of the Attorney General’s Office, José Alberto Rodríguez Calderón, as coordinator of the federal agencies involved in the issue (Federal Police, National Migration Institute and CISEN) presented a progress report and discussed the challenges related to controlling arms trafficking, human trafficking and border violence.

In his remarks, the Deputy Attorney General explained that the bilateral exchange of information has helped rescue victims of human trafficking, identify migrant trafficking networks, arrest suspects and seize properties and bank accounts. Therefore, cooperation should be strengthened and programs created that help dismantle criminal networks. “We propose a program that improves our cross-border communications network."

As co-chair of the Subcommittee on Security and Law Enforcement, José Alberto Rodríguez presented the Coordinator of the Executive Steering Committee, Undersecretary Carlos Pérez Verdía, with the annual report on the commitments agreed in the 2015 Action Plan: improving the exchange information for investigations; training for the Federal Police; and protocols for preventing border violence.

He discussed some of the achievements to date, such as exchanging information on arms trafficking, bilateral meetings to review the operational status of each of the communications links on both sides of the border and operational reports for each border corridor.

This annual meeting gives continuity to the bilateral dialogue and to the modernization, efficiency and effectiveness in the important border region.

The meeting was attended by officials from the various federal agencies that make up the subcommittees on infrastructure, secure flows and law enforcement and security cooperation, and by officials from various U.S. government agencies.


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