On the instructions of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard announced the Mexican government's migrant protection strategy, which focuses on protecting human rights.

In response to the president's commitment to support, protect and assist migrants, the foreign secretary announced ten actions that will make Mexico’s government representatives "the most effective advocates for the migrants in the United States."

The government will:

  1. Include support for Mexicans abroad as a cross-cutting policy issue, with the participation of state and local governments in both Mexico and the United States.
  2. In consulates, provide training on customer service for vulnerable groups and ensure professional consular assistance, adding a greater number of experienced Foreign Service personnel.
  3. Expand the network of lawyers and organizations specialized in defending the rights of Mexican migrants.
  4. Actively promote Mexican cultural identities in communities of first and subsequent generations.
  5. Expand education, health and sports programs to improve quality of life.
  6. Develop financial mechanisms to enable the migrant community to participate in Mexico's large development projects.
  7. Use mobile consulates to provide comprehensive services, especially for the most vulnerable communities and in new places.
  8. Empower the Mexican and Mexican-American community by acknowledging and promoting their contributions.
  9. Update the Foreign Ministry's regulations to align the work of its consulates with the current human rights framework, such as including indigenous languages and same-sex marriage in consular procedures.
  10. Develop a culture of community consultation in order to listen and learn about its needs and opinions, beginning with the National Development Plan.

The foreign secretary said that these are steps towards "a new vision focused on migrants' rights" and that the Mexican government is committed to revitalizing the relationship with the Mexican diaspora.

Mexican Government Policy for Mexicans Abroad 2019-2024 (in Spanish)