The mission of the Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IME), a decentralized agency of the Foreign Ministry, is to promote strategies, develop programs, gather proposals and recommendations from Mexico’s communities abroad and their organizations in order to strengthen their ties with their home country, and to promote their integration into the societies in which they reside.

The IME was established in 2003 and, since then, it has worked hard to serve our fellow countrymen. To successfully deal with changes in immigration and to provide better service, the IME has launched a survey to gather opinions about services for Mexicans abroad.

The goal of the survey is to improve the IME’s strategies and programs, encourage public participation and allow individuals to express their opinions, needs, ideas and proposals. The survey includes general topics such as age, gender and interests. It also includes questions on health, education, economic and financial development, culture, sports, outreach programs and others.

The survey will be available until September 15. The results will be published and used by the IME in planning strategies and programs.

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