As part of publicizing the 2015-2018 Program for Equality between Women and Men, below we review the international and national instruments adopted by Mexico on women’s rights.

In compliance with the General Law on Equality between Women and Men, in 2013 Mexico created the 2013-2018 National Program for Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination against Women, which aims to comply with the 2013-2018 National Development Plan by taking a cross-cutting strategy to including a gender perspective in all government programs, actions and policies. According to Article 29 of the General Law for Equality between Women and Men, this program should be part of the National Development Plan and of the sectoral, institutional and special programs referred to in the Law on Planning in order to reduce inequality gaps.

PROIGUALDAD (2013-2018) includes six cross-cutting goals, 36 strategies, 314 lines of action and 18 indicators with their respective targets for 2018. The action lines are grouped into those that deal with coordinating strategy with other agencies and those that address a specific agency or entity.

The Foreign Affairs Sector Program includes specific follow-up measures for some of the 2013-2018 PROIGUALDAD lines of action to ensure the cohesion of the national development planning regarding gender. The Foreign Ministry will take concrete actions to ensure compliance.