The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has been fighting hunger and malnutrition for more than 70 years. Mexico is one of the organization’s 36 member countries.

SAGARPA head, José Calzada, was unanimously elected to chair the 34th FAO Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean (LARC34) for the 2016-17 term.

Miguel Ruiz Cabanas said, "because of their similar principles and interests, collaboration between Mexico and FAO (#UNFAO) has been strong and ongoing. This can be seen in the joint programs that have been promoted by visits from Mexico’s presidents to FAO headquarters, notably President Peña Nieto’s visit in June of 2015, and the fact that Mexico has hosted three regional conferences (1960, 2000 and 2016).”

To improve the conditions of the vulnerable population in Latin America and the Caribbean, Mexico and FAO agreed on complementary social programs. FAO has recognized Mexico’s efforts and results in eradicating hunger and reducing poverty in rural areas.

LARC 34, inaugurated by President Peña Nieto, is important because it is the FAO’s governing body in our region. Agriculture ministers and other officials of the member countries will set the priorities for the next two years in food security. They will also discuss the challenges involved in transforming agriculture; cooperation to achieve our food goals; the sustainable use of natural resources, risk management and adaptation to climate change.

At the meeting, FAO Director General Graziano da Silva said, "hunger is associated with other deficiencies that can only be addressed in a cross-cutting manner.”

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