At the commemoration of World Health Day 2017, Dr. José Narro Robles endorsed the commitment of the Health Ministry and the sector of the branch in favor of the health of the population, which is related to the greatness of Mexico. Without it, "there is few and much is lost in life."

With the representation of President Enrique Peña Nieto and with the motto: Depression. Let's talk, the Minister of Health and president of the General Health Council of Mexico stressed that improvement of health has contributed to the development of the nation and will continue with the construction of a better Mexico that guarantees the well-being of the population.

At the General Hospital of Mexico Eduardo Liceaga (HGM by its initials in spanish), Dr. Narro Robles recalled the importance of health for the person and the community, its participation as an equalizer and for social inclusion, as an element to favor the advancement of individuals and societies, as well as the cause and consequence of growth.

During the event, the head of the federal agency, José Narro, and the directors of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), Mikel Arriola Peñalosa, and the Social Security and Social Services of State Workers (ISSSTE), José Reyes Baeza Terrazas, canceled the postal stamp referring to the centennial of the General Health Council of this country (CSG).

He congratulated the 13 award receivers with the Doctor Eduardo Liceaga Award and the Health Merit awards, thanked the daily work of all the workers of the Health Sector and urged them to redouble their efforts.

Narro Robles considered that it is time for a collective review of a priority issue in health: depression, of which in the world there are 300 million people who suffer from it.

Narro Robles, before representatives of the entire health sector, former branch secretaries, legislators, rectors and directors of higher education institutions, academics and community, reported that depression is a condition that is accompanied by remissions and exacerbations.

In the country, abounded, suffers of this problem almost nine percent of the population from 18 to 65 years; in women it is the first place to cause lost days without health and the second among men; generates pain and death; There is a systemic affection for depression and, almost three times the loss of working days.

The Secretary of Health gave an overview of the progress and conditions in which public health services are located throughout the country in terms of coverage, mortality, life expectancy, available resources, prevention and quality of care.

Then, the representative in Mexico of the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization (PAHO / WHO), Gerry Eijkemans, said that depression mainly affects older adults with the highest percentage, women in the postpartum stage and to young people and adolescents. From 2005 to 2015 it increased by 18 percent.

She said that the most serious consequence of suffering this pathology and not attending to it, is suicide, in the world, "every four seconds a person dies because of this." It also increases the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and is the main reason for disability.

Stigmatization is a factor by which these people do not receive timely and adequate treatment, because in the Region of the Americas seven out of 10 are in this condition, so it is necessary to raise awareness among the population, to attend immediately to those who have the symptomatology, to increase the investments in this matter and to train the human resources in specialized attention.

In his turn, IMSS Director General, Mikel Arriola Peñalosa, said that Mexico faces challenges that require a change in the public health model, which means migrating from a curative to a preventive view. As a result of this transition, the institute allocates 32 percent of its financial plan annually to the care of chronic diseases and their complications.

Arriola Peñalosa added that Social Security has several actions in place that will enable it to prevent and detect chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, overweight and obesity on time.

During this commemoration, the head of the IMSS congratulated the nurse Claudia Lubia Rodríguez Santiago, who was deserving of the Award of Nursing Assistant Lucia Salcido for his excellent career and work performance.

The general director of ISSSTE, José Reyes Baeza Terrazas, assured that in 2016 the Institute granted more than 77 thousand first-time and subsequent consultations in the first-level medical units for patients with possible affective disorders, of whom almost 17 thousand new cases of depression were diagnosed.

He urged parents to "talk to our children, give them tools to make solid decisions, and guide them, to feed their life project, since statistics itself shows that mood disorders, of which depression is the pathology with higher incidence, are associated with suicide, disability and consumption of substances harmful to health”.

Previously, a video was transmitted with the semblance of the award winners of the Eduardo Liceaga Award and the Health Merit Awards.

Dr. Guillermo Fajardo Ortíz, received the Dr. Eduardo Liceaga Award for Medical Sciences and Administration.

Doctors: Rosalinda Guevara Guzmán, with the award Dr. Miguel Otero, of Clinical Research were distinguished with the prizes to the Merit in Health; Patricia Estela Uribe Zúñiga, with Dr. Gerardo Varela, Secretary of Public Health; José de Jesús Flores Rivera, with Dr. Manuel Velasco Suárez, in the branch of Neurology and Neurosurgery; Alejandro Mohar Betancourt, with Dr. Guillermo Soberon Acevedo, for Institution Development, and Carlos Campillo Serrano, who was deserving of Dr. Ramón de la Fuente Muñiz, in the area of ​​Mental Health.

In addition, doctors Héctor Gerardo Aguirre Gas, with the Dr. Ignacio Chávez Award, to Medical Humanism were honored; Samuel Enoch Estrada Soto, received Martin de la Cruz, of Chemical and Biological Research; Martha Victoria Díaz Gómez, Dr. Margarita Chorne and Salazar, in Stomatology; Rocío González Gutiérrez, Dr. Miguel Francisco Jiménez, at the First Level of Attention.

In addition, the nurse Dora Elia Silva Luna received the nurse Isabel Cendala and Gómez of Public Health and Community Nursing; Claudia Lubia Rodríguez Santiago, Assistant Nursing Assistant Lucía Salcido for her Trajectory and Transcendent work in her field, and Rebeca Aguayo Bernal, in Nursing Refuge Esteves Reyes for her Professional Nursing Services in Conflict or Disaster Areas.

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