As a recognition from the Japanese community to the contributions of Mexico in the prevention of diseases, physicians of that nation in Mexico established the Prize for Epidemiological Research "Hideyo Noguchi" to strengthen programs that, in such category, are promoted by the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Health.

At the Third Medical Conference Nikkei and the Japanese Medicine Expo, the Minister of Health, doctor Jose Narro Robles, said that prevention and promotion of health care are essential to strengthen the development of the individuals and the community.

At the closing ceremony, led by the Japanese Ambassador in Mexico, Akira Yamada, doctor Narro said that health articulates, joins and contributes to the development of people and nations.

Dr. Narro Robles stressed out the importance of meetings such as the Third Medical Conference Nikkei, that allowed Mexican specialists to present the application of new endoscopic technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of incipient gastrointestinal cancer, as well as the management of peripheral facial paralysis and the process for organ donation, among others. 

Subsequently, the Minister of Health, along with the Ambassador of Japan in our country, Akira Yamada, testified the creation of the Mexico-Japan AC Medical Foundation that will led by the President of the Nikkei Medical Association of Mexico (AMNM), José Luis Akaki.

In his message, the Japanese Ambassador in Mexico, Akira Yamada recognized that collaboration and exchange of knowledge in health between the two countries moves forward.

As an example, he mentioned the agreement in the training of specialists from the National Institute of Cardiology "Ignacio Chavez" in minimally invasive angioplasty therapy and coronary intervention techniques. In addition to work on issues of common interest, such as healthy ageing.

In his turn, the president of the Medical Association Nikkei of Mexico (AMNM), José Luis Akaki, announced that they will establish the Prize for Epidemiological Research "Hideyo Noguchi" to promote preventive medicine programs in Mexico. This prize is a grant to support an institution or person that develops a project in that area.

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