• The only thing those who are resisting education reform will ensure their societies is backwardness and delay. What states such as Michoacán, Chiapas and Oaxaca deserve is to advance, and join the development experienced by the rest of the country, he said.
  • Let us work as a team to provide security and tranquility for Michoacán residents, he urged.
  • He inaugurated the Morelia Macrobypass on the Cuitzeo-Pátzcuaro highway.

President Enrique Peña Nieto said today that the government will not leave the Michoacán government alone to deal with the complex situation it currently faces. On the contrary, he said, “It will continue to accompany, and increase its support of the state of Michoacán and the local authorities for the benefit of all of Michoacán’s residents”.

During his inauguration of the Morelia Macrobypass on the Cuitzeo-Patzcuaro Highway, the president declared that, “We cannot continue living in two realities, in two Mexicos: one of progress and development, and one with enormous backwardness. And the key or the focal point to promote the development of these societies is education”.

He said that the government will not leave the Michoacán government alone, “In order to ensure that Education Reform is fully implemented for the benefit of the children and youth of our country,” and welcomed the state government’s commitment to achieving the implementation of this reform in the state.

He noted that there are states in the country, “Where there has been natural resistance, which is understandable when a model that had existed for many years was eliminated. In the end, it was not guaranteeing the quality of education the children and youth of our country are receiving. It was essential to make a sweeping change”.

“The only thing those who are resisting education reform will ensure their societies is backwardness and delay. I think that this is not what states such as Michoacán, Chiapas and Oaxaca deserve. What they deserve is to advance and join the development experienced by the rest of the country,” he said.

The president also pledged that the government will increase support for security in Michoacán through both the Federal Police and the presence of armed forces troops to support the efforts of the state government, which will, “Allow us to restore peace, particularly in certain highly specific areas of the state of Michoacán, which are still experiencing conditions of insecurity”.

He recalled that last year, “We promoted direct intervention by the government to cope with the complex challenge of insecurity plaguing the state of Michoacan”. He declared that, “The security situation has improved, but this does not mean that this decades-old problem has been corrected and we are determined to deal with it”.

“Let us work as a team to provide security and tranquility for Michoacán residents,” he urged.

President Peña Nieto said that the government will also support Michoacán to strengthen it financially. He told the state governor: “We are going to support you, to the greatest of our ability, despite the scenario that will be imposed on us next year, but I think we will find a way to support the financial strengthening of this state, in view of the challenge it is facing”.

He noted that next year will be, “Difficult in terms of public spending, for one main reason: because the revenue on which governments depended, and still significantly depend,  oil revenues, have fallen, because international prices have also fallen”.

“This requires us to build a mechanism to protect economic stability. The healthiest, most important thing is to protect the stability of our economy,” he said.

At the event, the president mentioned that the work inaugurated today, with a length of 63 kilometers, "not only connects Cuitzeo and Patzcuaro but is a macro bypass for Morelia”. He explained that the work will allow those travelling through this area to avoid entering the city of Morelia on their journey through the region, “Creating less traffic congestion in the capital of Michoacán and its conurbation. It will allow this traffic to flow much faster and more safely, and make us more productive”.

He recalled that he recently delivered road infrastructure works in the state of Puebla, and today here in Michoacán. “Both the state of Puebla, and Michoacán, where we delivered works, are states governed by a different party from that of the federal government,” he added.

“This shows that the government makes no distinction. The government’s only goal, task and mission is to combine efforts and to team up with all the authorities regardless of their ideological or party origin; the important thing is for us to serve society better,” he added.

At the request of a resident of the municipality of Copándaro, who participated in the event, the president pledged, and instructed the Communications and Transport Secretary to build the three kilometers of the Santa Rita-Rosa de Castilla road.


Governor of the State of Michoacán Silvano Aureoles Conejo said he was convinced that engaging in close coordination is critical for solving the structural problems of the state, “As we have been doing with the government”.

The most important thing for everyone, he told President Peña Nieto, "”is to push Michoacán forward and in that way, I am sure that we will continue to have your support and work together”.

He said that the work inaugurated today, “Is oxygen for Michoacán and Morelia, our capital. It is the realization of a great dream. We have had very few public works like this in Michoacán. Through clear, forceful actions like the one that concerns us today, we will improve the competitiveness of our state, region and country”.

This will be the highway from Michoacán, Guanajuato and Jalisco, he said, “It is a strategic project, Mr. President, it is a strategic highway for the Center-West region of Mexico, a natural route for transporting agricultural products such as berries and avocados, in which we are international leaders. It will serve as a connection to the Port of Lázaro Cárdenas, by strengthening our competitive advantage which lies in the national port logistics industry,” he said.


Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, Secretary of Communications and Transport (SCT), said that “Thanks to the president’s support, Michoacan has received an unprecedented infrastructure program,” with a total investment of 40 billion pesos, a larger amount of investment in the state than during the four previous administrations.

He declared that during President Peña Nieto’s administration, the SCT has invested more than 20.8 billion pesos to complete 63 of the 83 works in the Michoacan Federal Plan, which this Secretariat has been instructed by the president to implement in order to increase the state’s social development.

He stressed that, “Through the Michoacán Plan, we are promoting better conditions for the state to boost its economic and social development and achieve the peace its citizens long for. The infrastructure works we build promote the productive, port, logistic, tourism and cultural potential for the benefit of Michoacán’s families”.

He explained that the infrastructure work delivered today joins those built by the Federal Government as part of the Michoacán Plan, which entailed an investment of 4.3 billion pesos. It is more than 63 kilometers long, and includes four viaducts, a tunnel, two bridges and three junctions to accommodate an average flow of 3,500 vehicles a day, and reduces travelling time from nearly two hours to 40 minutes.

“It's a highway with enormous logistic benefits for the country that improves mobility and connectivity between El Bajío, Mexico City and Guadalajara, and the Port of Lázaro Cárdenas, one of the most important in Mexico, thereby increasing the competitiveness and productivity of this beloved state,” he said.


Alicia Rodriguez Acosta, a resident of the municipality of Copándaro and beneficiary of the work, thanked President Enrique Peña Nieto for supporting the building of the road, which, she said, “benefits everyone, especially those in this region”.

“The road gives us security. “For which we are very grateful, Mr. President,” she said.

She said that as a result of the new road, men who work the land will now find it easier to transport their products.

She explained that the road helps women, working mothers and women heads of household  “a lot" because "it is now easier to get to the center of the state. It helps us to sell things more easily”.

She noted that with the president’s support, “The necessary efforts are being made for Michoacan to progress and feel better”. That is why, she added: “I want to say that this road will help a great deal and we will tell a lot of people about it”.

She also asked the president to support the construction of the  three kilometers of the Santa Rita-Rosa de Castilla road. "Those three kilometers will change the lives of all of us who live in Copándaro and its communities. I will boast that President Enrique Peña Nieto helped Copándaro progress,” she said.