“We want our French brothers to know everything about Mexico, and to witness the profound change it is experiencing,” he explained.

In a statement after the meeting held at the City Hall, the Mexican president said that Mexico is, “A pluralistic nation open to the world; a modern, democratic society. We are an increasingly dynamic economy, which is creating and exporting; but above all, we are a country undergoing a transformation.”

He said that the members of the Mexican delegation that attended France’s National Day, representing Mexico as the guest of honor, “Will take with us the image of the beautiful city of Paris and the fraternity its inhabitants have made us feel.”

“This is where one of the first universities was built in 1257, the Sorbonne, and to date, it has been a source of knowledge and a bastion of Western civilization. For centuries, this city has inspired us with its philosophical, economic and political thought and enriched us with its artistic and scientific advances. This is the city of the Enlightenment, the cradle of the French Revolution, whose principles of freedom and equality are now the heritage of all humanity.

It has therefore been a great honor to accompany the Parisians and all the French on July 14, in commemoration of the storming of the Bastille, the great celebration of freedom,” he added.

He expressed his gratitude for the City of Paris Medal, presented to him by the Mayor “as an act of deep friendship between France and Mexico.” He hailed Anne Hidalgo’s commitment “to consolidating her city as a modern, dynamic, inclusive and sustainable metropolis.”

“Despite the greatness of its past, Paris is looking towards the future. It is a lively, advanced city, at the leading edge of innovative fields such as creative industries, fashion and design. Paris is a city of ideas that invites reflection. It is a muse that stimulates the imagination and talent; it is city of cities, which encourages communication,” he added.

Now, he continued, “We want Parisians to go to Mexico, to enjoy all our culture and hospitality, as surrealist André Breton and Nobel Laureate Le Clézio did; and as Presidents Charles De Gaulle, François Mitterrand Francois Hollande did in their memorable state visits.”

“Mexico is a world within a country. We are a mega-diverse country with forests, mountains, deserts and dream seas. We are the land that produced chocolate and vanilla, and provides sanctuary for the Monarch butterfly and the gray whale. Our country saw the flowering of the majestic Maya, Zapotec and Aztec civilizations. Pre-Columbian cities such as Chichén Itzá, Palenque and Monte Albán continue to amaze our visitors,” he said.


Between France and Mexico, there is a thriving friendship that has translated into constant cultural exchanges declared Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo. "Today this friendship takes the form of a beautiful project: La Casa Mexicana which will soon open in the heart of Paris”, she said.

This building, on the banks of the Seine river in a picturesque district of Paris, is dedicated to Mexican art and culture, and its vitality, and will show the Parisian public new aspects of the country,” she explained.

The Mayor told the Mexican president that his visit marks a new chapter in the long history between the two countries, Mexico and France, and their capital cities. She said that the friendship between Mexico and Paris is valuable because it is old and deep. “For many decades, it has embodied the most demanding values in many ways. More than ever before, these values of freedom, solidarity and equality that govern our action, should bring us together,” she said.

In every Parisian neighborhood and forum on Mexico, “The two cities strive to achieve the same goal, bringing to each of our citizens a taste for culture, progress and social justice”. Above all, Paris and Mexico share their love of freedom, and their particular history is based, first and foremost on friendship,” she said.