This evening, the president led an Extraordinary National Security Council Meeting to hear the initial reports after Hurricane Patricia made landfall in Mexico.

• The president was informed of the actions taken by various federal agencies to protect civil society.

This evening, the president led an Extraordinary National Security Council Meeting to hear the initial reports after Hurricane Patricia made landfall in Mexico.

At the meeting, held at the Command Center of the National Security Committee, the president was also informed of the actions taken by various agencies to prevent damage, and, above all, to protect and assist civil society.

After the meeting, President Peña Nieto delivered a message to Mexicans, the full text of which is given below:


Good evening.

“This afternoon, the eye of Hurricane Patricia made landfall at 18 hours 15 minutes, in the town of Cuixmala, in the municipality of La Huerta, Jalisco. It hit the coast with winds of 270 kilometers per hour.

Because of its intensity, this Category 5 Hurricane, threatened to be the most dangerous, strongest and most destructive storm on record.

Therefore, last night, I issued instructions to the entire Cabinet to reinforce the necessary actions for coping with this emergency.”

“Today I have overseen the development of these actions from the National Security Commission Command Center.

The federal forces have been working in coordination with the states, with the aim of safeguarding the population’s integrity and life.

Our elements of the Army, Navy and Federal Police were inviting people to go stay at one of the over a thousand shelters and refuges set up.
With the information available to date, and given that the phenomenon is continuing, the first reports confirm that the damage was less than expected for a hurricane of this magnitude.

However, it is very important for people to remain in the shelters.

The security forces will be patrolling to protect their homes.

So far, the warning and civil protection systems have worked; and most importantly, we have benefited from the active participation of those living in the risk areas.

I thank Mexican society for heeding the instructions of the Civil Protection authorities, and demonstrating their solidarity through the collection centers which have been spontaneously organized.

I am also particularly grateful to the media, for their professionalism in providing information.

I am also grateful for Mexicans’ active participation in social networks, which has contributed to warning the population.

I appreciate the involvement of the private sector, including supermarkets, banks and insurance companies which, in coordination with the authorities, are taking measures to help the population.

Tonight, I acknowledge the work of thousands of public servants who have been deployed in the affected areas, ready to assist and support Mexicans.
Our priority at all times, has been and continues to be to protect Mexicans’ lives.

I repeat. We cannot lower our guard. The most dangerous part of the hurricane has yet to make landfall.

In addition, heavy rains are expected in the Pacific and in different states in the center and northeast of the country.

I ask Mexican society to continue to pay attention to the information issued by the authorities on Hurricane Patricia over the next few hours.

“Once again, I would like to thank all Mexicans, because we are facing this challenge together.
Thank you.”