·        Between 2013 and 2015, the companies represented in the Mexican Business Council invested over $87 billion USD, a similar figure to the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) received by the country during the same period totaling $91 billion USD.

·        Mexico is better equipped to deal with the complex, volatile, uncertain and difficult international environment, due to the structural reforms, he said.

·        He welcomed the fact that the private sector and the government agree on the goal of making Mexico achieve  conditions of greater prosperity for society and enabling the country to be successful.

·        Car sales in the country achieved record figures in 2015: 1,351,000 units, 37 per more than those sold in 2012, he declared.

President Enrique Peña Nieto met today with members of the Mexican Business Council (CMN), whom he thanked for their confidence in the country, adding that the large national companies they represent, “Are definitely contributing to Mexico’s economic development.”

He said that this confidence is reflected in the fact that between 2013 and 2015, businessmen belonging to the CMN, “Announced investments for the companies and business projects they have in Mexico for more than $87 billion USD, similar to the Direct Foreign Investment  received by the country during the same period, which totaled $91 billion USD.

The president said that nowadays, Mexico is better prepared to deal with the complex, difficult international environment because of the structural reforms, which are fundamental pillars in enabling Mexico to have greater solidity and continue creating a better future for itself.”

He said the world appreciates the fact that the reforms, “Are the great handle, the great platform Mexico has had to distinguish and differentiate itself from other countries, and that in this volatile and complex scenario, they allow us to guarantee development and growth.”

He also welcomed the fact that the private sector and the government agree over the ultimate goal of ensuring, “That Mexico is a country of laws, with a full rule of law, and that its economy is growing and as a result, it will have conditions of greater well-being for its society, and the country will thrive.”

President Peña Nieto mentioned some data, “Showing our strengths and how we have advanced.”

“The economic growth accumulated in these three years of government has been almost 6 percent. If we contrast this with the previous administration, at this point, growth in Mexico was -0.4 percent. And if we go back another six years, in the first three years of the administration that began in 2000, growth at this point was 0.9 percent,” he recalled.

He noted that in the first three years of his administration, “1,892,000 new jobs have been created,  the highest figure in the first three years of any administration.”

Consistent with this, he added, “The national unemployment rate for November, the latest figures published by INEGI, was 4 percent, the lowest rate in November since 2007. The monthly unemployment rates throughout 2015 were lower each month than they were in 2012.”

The president noted that the low inflation rate has significantly contributed, “To achieving economic stability, the ability to grow even more, and to ensuring that internal dynamism is what is encouraging our economic growth.”

“Inflation in 2015 was 2.13 percent, and you know that this figure is the lowest ever recorded since it began to be measured in 1970,” he said.

He also mentioned that, according to INEGI data, in the first 10 months of 2015, private consumption in the domestic market was 3.3 percent, 1.9 percent higher than during the same period in 2014.

As regards 2015, President Peña Nieto said: "Another fact which is certainly important, because it shows how our domestic market is growing, is vehicle sales, which also achieved record figures. Domestic vehicle sales of 1,351,000 units, 37 percent more than those sold in 2012, broke records.

He said that, in fact, “Vehicle sales on the domestic market have grown significantly and with particular emphasis during the three years of this administration.”

The president declared that, also according to INEGI figures, “Gross fixed investment in the first 10 months of 2015 was 4.6 percent, 2.2 percent higher than in the same period in the first 10 months of 2014.”


Alejandro Ramírez Magaña, President of the Mexican Business Council, said that Mexico has strong economic and institutional bases, “That allow us to withstand the volatility and fragility of the global economy.”

He told President Enrique Peña Nieto that, “Thanks to these bases, which your government has deepened and strengthened, our economy has continued to grow in an adverse international context, in which several large economies in the region have not grown or even shrunk.”

He explained that investment is essential to growth, stressing that the companies comprising the Mexican Business Council, “Will continue to invest in the country, as we mentioned at our meeting in July.”

Alejandro Ramírez asked the president to, “Count on the companies that make up the Mexican Business Council to go on working hard to continue to produce, to continue to invest, and to continue to create the formal, well-paid  jobs our country needs.

He said that, “In order to address the great social gaps that exist in the country, we must grow at a faster rate in order to create formal jobs, which are the only effective, sustainable way to overcome poverty.”

He said that, “Given the global volatility and imbalances, it is essential to continue strengthening the domestic market to keep the economy growing at a good pace, as it did in the second half of 2015,” adding that, ”With more investment, the effective implementation of reforms and the institutionalization of the rule of law, we can achieve this.”

He added that, “It is essential to continue advancing security,” noting that in that area, “The capture of the world's most wanted criminal is undoubtedly a very important step in the right direction, showing that with decision and integrity, and the invaluable support of our armed forces,  it is possible to effectively fight organized crime.

He told the president that, “There are still hot spots in various parts of the country; but we also know that under your leadership and with the implementation of the Decalogue for Safety you proposed, we will continue to make progress in combating this evil, which does so much harm to Mexican society.”