After renewing his commitment to the process of change, he declared that: “What follows is now is to positively transform the everyday life of millions of Mexicans.”

To achieve this, he promised to support the national desire, “To be better every day; not to be satisfied with what has been achieved and to aspire to go further.”

To this end, he announced 10 new measures to address the major national challenges:

FIRST: The government will work with the 63rd Legislative Session of Congress to draft new laws to combat crime, corruption and impunity and protect Human Rights.

SECOND: In response to a recommendation from the Center for Economic Research and Teaching, a national dialogue will be promoted between representatives of civil society, authorities from the three branches of government and representatives of Public Authorities to achieve a National Agreement on Everyday Justice.

“This Pact for Justice in Mexico will be the best way to honor the centenary of our Constitution in 2017,” said President Peña Nieto.

THIRD: The Federal Bill on Special Economic Zones will be submitted to Congress to promote development in the country’s most backward regions. These areas will have access to special incentives and a regulatory framework to boost productivity, create more jobs and generate new productive opportunities.

FOURTH: The Draft Expenditure Budget 2016 will propose a new Program to Support Small Farmers. The aim is to strengthen the productive capacity of farmers, ranchers and fishermen, in Mexico’s poorest rural areas.

FIFTH: In order to improve the facilities of public schools, Education Infrastructure Bonds will be issued on the Mexican Stock Exchange. This new financial instrument could channel additional resources into schools in the order of 50 billion pesos in 2018. In addition to the resources already earmarked for this area, it will constitute the largest investment ever for enhancing Mexico’s public schools.

SIXTH: The Draft Expenditure Budget 2016 will propose the creation of a National English Program for Elementary Education students.

SEVENTH: An initiative will be promoted to create a new state institution: the Secretariat of Culture. “Through this decision, the government confirms that culture is a national priority for promoting the welfare and integral development of Mexicans,” declared the president.

EIGHTH: In order to maintain economic stability to ensure the population’s well-being, the Draft Expenditure Budget will be responsible and realistic. Priority will be given to the programs to combat poverty, guarantee public security and promote economic growth and investment in higher education, science and technology. Likewise, investment spending will give priority to projects that are already underway, and those that have proven to have the greatest social and economic impact.

NINTH: On the basis of the renewed international confidence in Mexico, and in order to hasten national development, two new financial instruments will be created: Efiber and Investment Project Certificates to trigger infrastructure projects in various sectors, including energy.

TENTH: In response to the current economic environment, the Draft Expenditure Budget 2016 will include strict austerity measures. In this context, government agencies and departments will reduce their administrative and operating expenses, while investment in Mexicans’ welfare and progress will increase.

In short, President Enrique Peña Nieto said that, “These 10 measures have clear objectives: strengthen the rule of law, promote economic growth and combat inequality.”

“These will be our priorities during the second half of this administration,” he said.