• Its work will make Mexico a leading country in research on nature and biodiversity, he stated.

• It was built with the joint participation of the public, private and academic sectors, with an investment of over 500 million pesos, he declared.

• He confirmed the government’s commitment to the goal of allocating 1 percent of GDP to science and technology. It currently assigns approximately 0.57 percent to this area.

• According to data from the IMSS, in October, 146,179 new formal jobs were created in the country, he reported.

As part of the National Science and Technology Week 2015, earlier today, Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated the Scientific and Technological Cluster BioMimic, built through an investment of over 500 million pesos, with the participation of the public, private and academic sectors.

He said that this technology center, “Is based on the recognition of the enormous biodiversity that exists in the state of Veracruz and in our country, and by levering this advantage, this strength we have as a nation, its work will make us a country at the leading edge of research on nature and biodiversity.”

The president said that from the outset, this administration planned to devote efforts and resources to science and technology, because, “The experience of other countries in their development and growth is based on having invested more in this important area.” He said that as a result, “At the start of this Administration, we planned to achieve an investment that was the equivalent of at least 1 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP).”

“We began as a Latin American country that assigned very little to this area: just 0.4 percent. Today, as a result of the efforts that have been made to devote Mexicans’ resources to them, which are part of the federal budget for science and technology, we are investing approximately 0.57 percent of GDP in this,” he explained.

The president noted that in the budget proposal submitted to the Chamber of Deputies, “This area remains a priority.” In fact, he continued, “In the Draft Budget submitted for consideration by the Delegates, over 90 billion pesos have been assigned to this area.

“If approved in its current terms, this will mean that next year there will be additional resources of five billion pesos to be invested in science and technology,” he said.

"We have devoted significant, growing resources as a government, and we will continue to do so because we are convinced, and I am personally, of the importance of investing in this area, in research and technological development in science,” he declared.

President Peña Nieto declared that it was important for the private sector to be increasingly involved in investing in this area. “Today, most of the resources devoted to research, science and technology come from the public sector, whereas in the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), which comprises the world’s most developed countries, over 60 percent of the investment in science and technology comes from the private sector.” He said that in Mexico, only 25 percent comes from the private sector.

The president declared that, “We cannot be a nation that lags behind countries, where science is generated, where there is research and where there is technological development.”

He said that this is precisely, “What has made it possible in this era, in the knowledge society, to create wealth and prosperity for the societies of our time, for the societies of this era.”

President Peña Nieto said that Mexico, “Is a country that has decided to break out of its inertia, set new challenges and cope with the challenges we are facing as a nation in this turbulent world.”

“We're doing it by moving Mexico, breaking paradigms and the models of the past to establish new platforms to allow Mexico to unleash its full potential. Structural reforms were not in themselves a goal, but rather a means, instruments, to enable Mexico to grow in different areas,” he said.
He added that Mexico, “Will continue advancing through its scientists and researchers, by creating solutions to enable Mexico to move toward more modern eras with greater development; the reforms are part of this effort.”

He said that the infrastructure being constructed in Mexico to support science, research and other areas will undoubtedly give the nation an opportunity to achieve further development and growth. The fact that we are seeing low inflation today, for example, is an opportunity for increased consumption, and our economy is moving,” he said.

He reported that the Mexican Social Security Institute announced today that 146,479 new formal jobs were created in October. “This means that by moving Mexico, we are also contributing to the creation of more jobs, and opportunities for individual development and personal fulfillment for more and more Mexicans,” he said.

At the end of the event, President Peña Nieto toured the Recruitment Center for New Talent for Science, where he interacted with a group of children participating in various scientific and technological activities. He also visited the Advanced Microscopy and MRI Laboratory, the Pilot Plant for the Cultivation of Edible Fungi, and the Pilot Plant for the Development of Biological Control Agents.


Director General of the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) Enrique Cabrero Mendoza said that BioMimic is the result of the commitment made by the president at the beginning of his mandate, to support the country’s scientific and technological development in an unprecedented way. It is also the result of an ambitious bet by the CONACyT Centers, an institution that is, “Undoubtedly one of the successes of the Mexican state," currently marking 45 years since its creation, and of other institutions.

He said that BioMimic is the first of its kind in Mexico and represents a new model for doing science by integrating the entire knowledge chain into an interdisciplinary approach. From now on, “It gives us the opportunity to add value to natural capital, the natural capital we have, as well as all the sectors associated with the life of nature," he explained.

"The greatest contributions of public research centers take place within this scenario,” he said. ”We have everything from knowledge creation to outreach and the social appropriation of knowledge.”

Cabrero Mendoza said that Mexico is a country with an enormous potential for the knowledge society, and noted that in President Peña Nieto’s administration, “We have taken up the banner, on your instructions, of this clear commitment to further strengthening an institution such as CONACyT, and reinforcing the science and technology policy. And this new stage will enable us to be a vehicle to move towards society and a knowledge-based economy.”


Governor of Veracruz Javier Duarte de Ochoa, said that the BioMimic cluster is made posible by the decision by President Peña Nieto to go forward into a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable Mexico.

He said this development, which had a long gestation period, represents the largest scientific and technological infrastructure that has ever been made in any federal state investment. ”Its opening positions Veracruz as a leading edge development center in the international sphere,” he said.

This research center, one of the five priority CONACyT projects is now one of the best equipped in the country, where the scientific community will have world-class equipment, some of which are unique in Latin America. Moreover, 14 Mexican institutions will combine to work as a team and jointly focus on dealing with various challenges, he explained.


Martín Ramón Aluja Schuneman Hofer, Director of the Institute of Ecology (INECOL), said that the president, “Has supported science and technology more than any other president in the history of Mexico,” and hoped that, “His state vision and leadership would now be fully repaid,” by the cluster, which, thanks to his extraordinary support, has been completed and equipped.

He stated that with the inauguration of the scientific and technological cluster, “We are taking a giant step in our effort to build a better country, a country with a state of the art science and technology infrastructure that will enable us to compete on equal terms with the scientific world powers.”

He therefore told the president: “Rest assured that that we will be fully accountable to society and make science pertinent and useful, and ensure that it solves problems and contributes to Mexicans’ well-being.

He explained that BioMimic, “Seeks to build a new model of doing science in Mexico, including much closer interaction between society and the scientific community. Everything inspired by our enormous biodiversity, genuine cooperation and teamwork between research centers and universities."

He also noted that the cluster represents an honest commitment to making science and technology truly useful to society, by contributing to the solution of problems in the environmental, agricultural, forestry and health fields.

"It also represents a commitment to the reconstruction of the social fabric, since here, society will find open doors, healthy places to learn, play sports and interact with artists, who will exhibit their work in the cluster,” he explained.