.      The two conversed by telephone this morning.

Earlier today, President Enrique Peña Nieto telephoned the President-elect of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, whom he congratulated on his victory in last Sunday’s elections, and expressed his best wishes for success in the responsibility he will assume on December 10.

President Peña Nieto hoped that Macri’s presidency would be a stage of comprehensive development and progress for Argentina, and expressed his intention of meeting up with him in the near future to share Mexico’s vision of Latin America.

He noted that Mexico and Argentina have had an institutional relationship and one of deep respect and he expressed his aim of relaunching relations between the two countries.

President-elect Mauricio Macri thanked the president for his call and expressed his desire to meet up with the Mexican president to discuss the common future of the two countries.

They expressed the shared aim of having a very positive, constructive vision for the societies of Mexico and Argentina.