·        This shows that we are a country that is steadfastly advancing the creation of more jobs and opportunities for all Mexicans, he said. 

·        In September of this year, 33 months into this government, the amount of foreign direct investment registered in our country stood at $ 92 billion USD, he declared.

·        November saw an annual inflation rate was 2.21 and marked the seventh consecutive month of record low inflation rates, he said.

·        The president inaugurated the new Nestlé Purina factory in Silao, part of the expansion plan in Mexico announced by the company at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2014.

·        We believe in Mexico because it is a country with long-term growth and export potential and a good place to continue investing: Nestle.

President Enrique Peña Nieto announced today that in the first three years of this administration, 1,892,811 new formal jobs have been created, the highest figure ever recorded in the first three years of the last five administrations.

This shows that we are a country that is steadfastly advancing the creation of more jobs and opportunities for all Mexicans, he said.

The president noted that last November, “132,278 new jobs were created, almost 10,000 more than the number created in November last year.”

During his inauguration of the new Nestlé Purina in this municipality, which is part of the expansion plan in Mexico announced by Nestlé at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2014, with an investment of one billion dollars, the president said that despite the challenging global economic environment, uncertainty and economic slowdown, “Mexico continues to be regarded as a reliable investment destination precisely because of the reforms,”  implemented in the country, according to financial experts and analysts.

The structural reforms have put us in, “A  better position and you just have to look at the world, the region and other countries to get a better idea of what the situation is like in Mexico," he added.

He said that,  “In this volatile global scenario, Mexico remains stable, with optimal conditions for attracting investment, such as those materialized in plants such as the one being inaugurated today and in job creation.”

He explained: "We have a privileged geographic location that provides us with a gateway into Latin America, North America and Europe itself, especially on the basis of the free trade agreements we have signed with several countries in the European region, and now we are working to expand this network of agreements with the Asian region.”

He added that, “This government has focused on maintaining the necessary conditions in a global environment which, quite frankly, is showing signs of economic slowdown, uncertainty, and risk aversion.”

President Peña Nieto said that confidence in Mexico is confirmed by the fact that every year, it attracts increasing amounts of Foreign Direct Investment. He explained that In September of this year, 33 months into this government, the amount of foreign direct investment registered in our country stood at $92 billion USD. It is a good sign and a clear indication that Mexico is projected as a reliable country.”

He reported that November marked the seventh consecutive month of historically low inflation figures. "In November, the annual inflation rates was 2.21 per cent, which undoubtedly benefits Mexican families because their incomes go further, which improves the well-being of Mexican families.”

The president explained that, “Whereas other economies are lagging behind or showing no sign of vitality, Mexico is taking firm steps towards further growth and attracting investment while the productive sectors of our country are performing better and growing.”

He said that the food industry, “Has been growing at an annual rate of 7 per cent.” In the first nine months of this year alone, the food industry exported over $20 billion USD, and this sector is expected to continue growing in the coming years at rates of between 6 and 7 percent annually.”

President Peña Nieto thanked Nestlé for its initiative to hire first-time workers, adding that, “The new Labor Reform facilitates this condition making it easier to create more opportunities for all Mexicans.”

“I would like to thank Nestlé for its confidence in Mexico. Thank you for harmonizing your internal policies and promoting job creation, particularly for young people in the country,”  he said.

STRUCTURAL REFORMS create conditions of competition and legal certainty for investment: LAURENT FREIXE

The Nestlé Executive Vice President and Head of the Americas Zone said that this global company believes in Mexico, “A strategic country where we see long-term growth,” and stressed his support for, “The ambitious agenda of structural reforms that generate competitive conditions and legal certainty for investment, which will surely provide benefits and prosperity for everyone.”

He said that the decision to open this new factory, which had an investment of $220 million USD, is due to several factors that make Mexico a good place to invest: “We know that foreign investment is growing at over 40 percent and that the local food market is also growing under a low, stable inflation rate.”

He declared that two commitments have therefore been made with Mexico, the first during the World Economic Forum in Davos last year, when a one-billion-dollar investment was announced for expansion projects. The second one was made this year, when the Youth Initiative was launched, “Whereby we set out to create 700 new jobs, open up 500 places for scholars and practitioners, and facilitate the integration of 300,000 young people into the labor market.” He stressed that this factory attracted many young people and that as from today, 200 direct and 1,000 indirect jobs will be created.

Laurent Freixe noted that Mexico’s export potential provides enormous opportunities through the network of 11 FTAs with 46 countries, which will allow the factory to ensure the national supply and establish a major export center. He noted that with a population of 25 million pets, Mexico is the largest pet food market in Latin America.

He said that the 200,000 square meter plant, “Confirms that Mexico is in motion,” adding that next year, the company will continue to invest as it will build the country’s 16th Nestlé factory in the country.


Secretary of the Economy Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal said that this new pet food factory, the fifth Nestlé factory in Mexico, will have a powerful impact on the development of activities in both the food industry and the impact of the Mexican countryside.

In 2014, Mexico produced over 30 million tons of pet food, “Making us the world's fourth largest producer in this area, after China, the US and Brazil,” he explained.

He said that the development of the agribusiness sector is based on three key policies mandated by President Peña Nieto: the agricultural development policy, designed to promote increased production in the countryside and boost Mexican producers’ productivity and a policy of industrial development and innovation to facilitate the competitive development of different value chains so that, on the basis of the goods produced in Mexico, we can integrate highly successful chains.

"And a trade policy aimed at expanding new markets to enable successful cases such as  that of this company to continue to develop and expand in international trade, in which the Mexican food industry already exports to over 140 countries worldwide,”  he added.

Ildefonso Guajardo said that, “It is precisely the combination of these three policies that has enabled Nestle to find a safe bet in Mexico, with an enormous potential for the future as well as the coordination and alignment of the Federal Government’s efforts, with the facilitation of the state and the municipal government. "It is a formula that successfully combines them to make these investments a success story,” he said.

Nestlé's investment, very positive news meaning that there is confidence in GUANAJUATO AND MEXICO: MIGUEL MÁRQUEZ MÁRQUEZ

Miguel Márquez Márquez, Governor of Guanajuato, said that Nestlé's investment in the state is very positive  news and crucial for the state and the country. It means, he said, “That there is confidence in Guanajuato and confidence in Mexico.”

He thanked President Enrique Peña Nieto for the announcement of the investments to be made by Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), in the order of $23 billion USD in the company’s six refineries, since this will translate into resources for the Salamanca Refineries and Guanajuato and will mean development, growth, competitiveness and a new opportunity to respect the human right to a healthy environment.

He announced that Nestlé came to  Guanajuato with an investment of $200 million USD. He added that this modern factory will produce 130,000 tons of food for pets and livestock during the year, and that 40 percent of this production will be shipped to Latin American markets.

He announced that from 2012 to 2015, investments of over 8.7 billion USD have been made in the state, which, he argued, when compared with large countries such as Argentina and Peru, “Shows that, according to ECLAC data, there has been more investment in Guanajuato.”

He explained that the state ranks second nationally as regards the increase in the youth population, and welcomed the fact that Nestlé trusts in young Guanajuato residents,  “To strengthen its international leadership.”