• Our military institutions represent a force of order, peace and stability, in which upright Mexican citizens are trained, women and men who, by land, sea or air, always act in accordance with the highest principles and values of honor, duty, loyalty and patriotism, he said.
  • The ceremony honored the memory of 114 soldiers and sailors who lost their lives in the line of duty during this administration, and each of the members of the Armed Forces who gave their lives for Mexico.
  • He said that instructions have been given to offer the Haitian Government support and humanitarian aid in response to the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew.

As he launched the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the DN-III-E Plan, President Enrique Peña Nieto said that, “Today, just as they did 50 years ago, our armed forces are with Mexico; as always, their spirit is unbeatable and their hearts invincible”.

He told the soldiers and sailors of Mexico: Remember that every time the DN-III-E Plan and the Marine Plan is activated, there will be Mexicans at risk, worried about their lives and those of their families; Mexicans have confidence that you will assist and protect them. As happened in October 1966, you will be the supportive arm to face and overcome adversity”:

During the event, held in Constitution Square, he said that thanks to the excellent training of Mexico’s Armed Forces and experience in the field, soldiers and marines have also assisted our sister nations at times of disaster”.

“They have been authentic messengers of peace, bringing a message of fraternity and solidarity to other peoples of the world,” he added.

He said that "Mexico deeply regrets the pain and human losses our sister nation, Haiti,  is suffering because of the havoc caused by Hurricane Matthew”. He reported that he has given instructions to provide the Government of Haiti with support and humanitarian aid from Mexico during the relief and recovery stages.

The president explained that during this ceremony, “We honored 114 soldiers and sailors who unfortunately lost their lives in the course of their duty during this administration, and each of the members of our Armed Forces, who gave their lives for Mexico”.

 “Beyond their rank or specialty, today, I wish you to remember them as people who have left children who will grow up without their fathers, wives who will have to cope with family responsibilities on their own and parents who have endured the worst pain: losing a son or daughter,” he said.

After offering his deepest condolences and sympathy to their families, friends, and fellow soldiers, the president said that, “The sacrifice for the country, which soldiers and sailors have offered throughout history, will always be remembered as a heroic act”.

He called for a minute of silence, “For all of them, for all those who have honored the best of our institutions”.

President Peña Nieto  said today that the DN-III-E Plan and the Marine Plan pool their strengths and complement their actions by joining the National Response Plan MX, a model that makes it possible to combine all the Mexican State’s  capacity for response as regards civil protection into a single national force.

He added that this ensures a quicker response for dealing with emergencies; greater efficiency in operations and more lives being saved”.

The Mexican president said that, “These 50 years of operation of the DN-III-E Plan, during which have millions of Mexicans have been supported, have reaffirmed the Army, Navy and Air Force as Mexico’s great allies”.

“Our military institutions represent a force of order, peace and stability, in which upright Mexican citizens are trained, women and men who, by land, sea or air, always act in accordance with the highest principles and values of honor, duty, loyalty and patriotism,” he said.

He told the soldiers and sailors and marines: "Our country has, in each of you present here, and in your fellow soldiers deployed throughout our country, courageous men and women, exemplary Mexicans. Wherever they are required, the members of our Armed Forces are ready to defend their countrymen, against any threat, even at the cost of their lives”.

The president recalled that in the past 50 years, “There have been countless performances worth recalling: the immediate response to the tragic explosion in San Juanico, in 1984; the rescue and reconstruction after the 1985 earthquake in Mexico City; and the active, vital participations after hurricanes Ingrid, Manuel and Patricia during this administration. “Regardless of the magnitude or difficulty of the challenge, soldiers, pilots and sailors have maintained their strong, unwavering commitment to serving Mexico”.

During the event, the president presented awards, performance awards and honorable mentions to outstanding active and retired personnel, as well as the relatives of soldiers killed during the implementation of the DN-III-E Plan.

He also launched two tourist service busses that will display the plaque commemorating the 50 years of the DN-III-E Plan.

The event was attended by members of the Legal and Extended Government and state governors.


General Arturo Granados Gallardo, Chief of Staff of National Defense, today confirmed to the nation, “Our firm dedication to service and our commitment to continuing to fulfill the lofty mission of safeguarding the lives and property of Mexican families, in coordination and cooperation with the three levels of government, civic organizations and citizens in general”.

He said that, “When the men and women of land, sea and air know that the integrity of Mexican families is being threatened, we immediately, without hesitation and with alacrity, answer their call”.

For 50 years, he said, “We have shown that the union between society and its armed land, sea and air forces has been fundamental to overcoming any adversity. It cannot be otherwise. This is what we have done and we will continue to do so, because our cause is Mexico”.

He said that the DN-III-E Plan, "Is synonymous with comfort, safety and security for those affected by disaster, and also the instrument that has earned Mexico and the Armed Forces extensive international recognition”. He said, “We are proud to be a world reference. The DN-III-E Plan is an instrument of great importance and an example to other nations”.


On behalf of his community, Gildardo Moreno Ávila, a resident of La Pintada, in the municipality of Atoyac de Álvarez, Guerrero, thanked members of the DN-III-E Plan for the help they provided during a landslide on September 16 2013, as a result of hurricanes Ingrid and Manuel, which claimed the lives of 71 people.

He said that with the support of the Armed Forces, La Pintada was able to overcome that contingency. The feeling of safety we had when we saw the DN-III Plan arrive, knowing they were there to help us, is indescribable: They helped us to evacuate all my neighbors and recover the bodies of nearly all of those who had been killed, over a period of three months”.

He said that the soldiers protected their dwellings while they were in the hostel, where they were given a temporary home and received assistance for their families, as well as food, clothing, blankets, mattresses and medical care for more than two months, until normal conditions were restored.

“I would obviously like to thank the president for all the support provided because as a result, La Pintada is now back on its feet again: houses were built, roads were restored, services were reactivated; in short, it was made inhabitable for our families once again,” he said. ”His sensitivity toward us in times of misfortune were key to enabling our town, which is also your town, to get back on its feet,” he said.