• The achievements of the men and women in the EMP inspire them to go ahead, he declared.

During his submission of the 2015-2016 Activity Report, Major General Roberto Miranda Moreno, Head of the Presidential General Staff (EMP), said that the achievements of the men and women in the EMP inspire them to progress.

“Our aim is to protect Mexico through the stability created by ensuring the president’s safety,” he explained.

He said that the EMP is an institution that is constantly being updated to adapt to the changes in the country, and be part of the transformation undertaken by President Enrique Peña Nieto.

He said that this institution’s project breaks with the paradigms of the time, meaning that there is no room for mistakes, and its goal is to permanently seek perfection, because the high responsibility with which Mexico has entrusted it requires this, and it will continue to fulfill its mission.

“This year we had significant achievements that led us to reflect on the aspects that we must intensify, to consolidate the transformation we seek to achieve. Assuming that our functions are nearing completion would be wrong,” he said.

In the presence of EMP personnel, officials from the President’s Office and guests from civil society, General Roberto Miranda presented the progress and actions implemented to transform the Presidential General Staff (PGS), in an exercise of transparency designed to inform society how this institution is run.

He stressed that the commitment of the institution he directs stems from the idea of transformation put forward by President Enrique Peña Nieto to boost the growth of our country. He explained each of the activities undertaken in the 2015-2016 fiscal year designed to achieve growing development in a balanced, organized manner.

Among them, he highlighted the issue of human rights, which he regarded as an important action that provides personnel with clear guidelines. Various activities have been undertaken to prove the EMP’s interest in respecting them.

He also pointed to the increase in gender equality, noting that there has been a two percent increase in the inclusion of women in security logistics and administrative activities. A total of 356 women are currently employed by the EMP.

"Our training policy is to bring professional competence to the functional sphere, where everyone performs a task, the combination of which operates the machinery of the Presidential General Staff,” he said.

The Head of the Presidential General Staff pointed out that those with the high responsibility of ensuring the safety of the President of Mexico, should continue intensifying training, since the realistic practices it includes will provide them with solutions for dealing with a range of situations.

“Our strength will always be teamwork. Yet despite being a process fraught with complications, its pluralistic integration is an opportunity to learn and grow. It is time to enter a new stage, where competition to meet our obligations more effectively identifies us as members of the President General Staff,” he said.