·                Addressing Danish business leaders and CEOs of Danish companies with interests in our country, he said: We estimate that the growth of our economy this year will be in the order of 2.6 to 3.6 percent. 

·          Mexico continues to consolidate itself through its export industry and is a country where high value-added manufacturing is increasing, he said.

·          According to the World Trade Organization, from 2014 to 2015 Mexico moved up two positions to become the 13th largest exporter worldwide, he said.

·          Many Danish companies are seeking to invest in Mexico: Karsten Dybvad, Director General of the Confederation of Danish Industry.

President Enrique Peña Nieto met with Danish business leaders and CEOs of Danish companies with interests in our country, whom he told that, “Now is a good time to invest and grow in Mexico.”

At the close of the Business Seminar, held at the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Mexican president said that in 2015 Mexico grew, “By 2.5 percent, becoming consolidated as the fourteenth largest economy in the 34 OECD (Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development)  countries, most of which grew. We estimate that our economy will grow between 2.6 and 3.6 percent this year.”

In the presence of Crown Prince Frederik, President Peña Nieto hailed the confidence Danish companies, “Have had in our country, have now and promise to have through other companies that regard Mexico as a reliable destination for making investments, because of country’s competitive advantages.”

He explained that, “Mexico remains a reliable destination, one that is in a process of transformation and development, and is also one of the world’s most open economies.” According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Mexico is now the ninth most attractive and reliable place to invest in worldwide, he said.

He noted that thanks to that confidence, “Our trade is at a good stage and growing dynamically.” He gave figures reflecting the progress of bilateral trade relations:

"In 2015, our bilateral trade was close to 600 million Euros. This represents 14 percent of the trade level we had in 2014. Our exchanges have been mutually beneficial. Mexico is the second largest Latin American buyer of Danish products, while in recent years, foreign direct investment in Mexico from Denmark has exceeded two billion Euros and promises to increase rapidly in the coming years due to the competitive advantages Mexico is now offering,” he said.

The president expressed his optimism that these exchanges will be strengthened on the basis of three fundamental conditions:

FIRST: The dynamism of the Danish economy, which grew 1.6 percent in 2015 and, according to forecasts, is expected to increase this to 2 percent this year and the next.

SECOND: The upcoming update of the Free Trade Agreement the European Union has signed with Mexico.  “An agreement dating from 2000, which we are in the process of negotiating to enhance the opportunities to increase and further intensify trade between the European Union and Mexico.”

THIRD: The process of transformation Mexico is undergoing, which opens up new investment opportunities.

The Mexican president said that this transformation process joins the many advantages offered by our country:

ONE: Mexico, as many entrepreneurs in this country already know and appreciate, is a productive platform with global reach. “We have a privileged geographic location; we are a bridge between North and Latin America, we are also a link between trade coming from Europe and the trade there could eventually be with the Asia-Pacific region.”

Moreover, he continued, “We are the fourteenth largest territory worldwide, with great biodiversity and an increasingly large, modern logistics infrastructure.”

TWO:  “Mexico is a stable, reliable country, in both the institutional political sphere, and in the macroeconomic order. Few countries can boast of having had political stability for more than 84 years, where periodically, every six years, there has been a new president, which undoubtedly constitutes a source of strength for us as a nation.

“Economically, there is a strong commitment to sound public finances; monetary policy is autonomous; inflation is at historically low levels, the exchange rate is flexible, and we have a robust banking system.”

THREE“Mexico has great human capital: “We are a predominantly young country, the average age in our country is 27 and it is worth adding that every year, our country graduates  more than 100,000 engineers and technologists, which undoubtedly contributes to our having properly trained human capital, willing to engage in productive activities, and above all, the generation or participation in major value chains, as is already happening in Mexican industry.”

FOUR: "Ours is an open economy, one of the most open and competitive in the world, and the fifteenth largest worldwide. We are an open country, we have signed a large number of free trade instruments that give us preferential access to a consumer market of over 1.1 billion people. Furthermore, particularly with the European Union, we are updating and modernizing, and I hope we can soon renew and update the framework of cooperation and the free trade agreement we have signed with it.”

President Peña Nieto said that, “Mexico continues to be consolidated through its export industry and is a country where high value-added manufacturing is increasing.” According to the World Trade Organization, from 2014 to 2015 Mexico moved up two positions to become the 13th largest exporter worldwide.”

He said that Mexico is, “One of the economies that is the most important engine of growth in Latin America. Moreover, our manufacturing and export production accounts for 66 percent of the exports from Latin America as a whole.”

He also mentioned, “Our productive integration with the United States, one of the main engines of today’s global economy. All these factors make Mexico an ideal place for business development and productive activities.”

During the event, President Peña Nieto witnessed the signing of the Agreement  to Regulate the Mutual Obligations of Guarantee and Reinsurance, between the Mexican Foreign Trade Bank (Bancomext) and Eksport Kredit Fonden (EKF) and the Memorandum of Understanding between ProMéxico and The Danish Trade Council.


For his part, Director General of the Confederation of Danish Industry Karsten Dybvad, noted that, “Mexico’s geographical location, national talent and population size make it a very attractive investment destination and it will undoubtedly remain one for years to come.”

"Your government has adopted many important structural reforms that have transformed the Mexican economy and created prosperity for your people and for companies too," he hold President Peña Nieto.

He noted that, “Whereas many other countries in Latin America are experiencing negative rates of growth and development, Mexico is growing.”

This, he added, “is certainly worthy of respect. Although our size, way of being and the reality of our economies are different, we can learn a great deal from each other.”

“I think this is the reason why many Danish companies have business relations or are seeking to invest in Mexico,” he said.