• Mexico has investment and job creation, we have low inflation, there is greater dynamism in the domestic economy, and this ultimately impacts very positively on the quality of life and well-being of Mexican society, he said.
  • We opened this new factory because Mexico is a good place to invest; Foreign Direct Investment has grown by more than 40 percent, which is no coincidence: Executive Vice President and Head of the Americas Zone of Nestlé.

President Enrique Peña Nieto announced today that the amount of Foreign Direct Investment our country has received in the past four years is $120 billion USD, “40 percent more than the amount invested in Mexico during the same period in the previous administration”.

He said that given the worldwide decline and slowdown, “It is encouraging to see that despite the global scenario, Mexico is growing. Its internal dynamism is also growing, and today the best way to show results is what is happening: more foreign investments are coming to our country”.

He said that in Mexico, “Investments are being made and jobs are being created. We have low inflation, there is greater dynamism in the domestic economy, and this, no doubt, will ultimately impact very positively on the quality of life and welfare of Mexican society”.

He said that Mexico is undoubtedly, “Being established as a reliable destination in the world, as a result of the structural changes we have promoted”.

He said that, “What gives the greatest credit to what we have broadly disseminated and the reason why Mexico is now a reliable destination for investments, is, among other factors, the structural reforms that have been implemented, which place Mexico in a very promising position for its economic growth”.

He said that much of this is due to, “The structural reforms already underway and being implemented, which are already generating profits for Mexican society”.

As he inaugurated Nestlé’s Nantli child nutrition factory, the prime minister declared that Mexico’s inflation rate is one of the lowest there has ever been in the country, which, “Benefits Mexican families’ economy”. This means that it is now possible to consume more, buy more products and more services and for people’s income to go further”.

He also announced that the unemployment rate reported by the INEGI (National Institute of Statistics and Geography) “has been the lowest for Mexico since 2008: we have a 4% unemployment rate in the country, which contrasts with that of other largest economies in the world, which have higher rates of unemployment”.

The president congratulated Nestlé, which today celebrates 150 years of existence, for assuming, “Its social responsibility in projects, particularly those that support the National Crusade against Hunger”.

He mentioned that Nestlé company has 17 plants in the country, “Which help create jobs, and enable it to grow with Mexico and offer products with a high nutritional content”.

He noted that the factory inaugurated today involved an investment of $245 million USD, “In addition to Nestlé’s commitment to Mexico to invest over a billion dollars in the following years, from 2014 until the present”.

He added that this is a sustainable plant, where 85 percent of the energy used is renewable, “Which is consistent with the public policies the government has been promoting through Energy Reform to encourage the energy produced in our country to be clean and non-polluting”.

He also congratulated the company on being one of those involved in the National Crusade against Hunger, “By supporting productive projects for vulnerable low-income families, to join the economic life of our country”.

He recalled that today, there are over 13,000 community kitchens in the country, where every day, more than a million Mexicans have guaranteed food.

At the end of the event, the president toured the premises of the Nantli Child Nutrition Factory.


Executive Vice President and Head of the Americas Zone  of Nestlé Laurent Freixe said: “We opened this new factory because Mexico is a good place to invest in. Foreign investment in this country has grown by over 40 percent and it is no coincidence that the food market is also growing. Mexico also has a low, stable inflation rate, which is good for business”.

He stressed that with an area of 600,000 square meters and an investment of $245 million USD, Nantli, Nestlé’s 17th factory in Mexico and the fourth in Jalisco, is Nestlé Nutrition’s most important investment worldwide in the past 10 years and its largest in Mexico.

He noted that, “Mexico’s export potential offers great opportunities for the future”. Its “11 FTAs with 46 countries allow this factory to ensure not only national supplies but also to establish a major import center for the whole world”.

President Peña Nieto declared that Nestlé, a company that is celebrating its 150 years of existence, “Believes in Mexico and the future of Mexico. Today this market represents our seventh largest operation worldwide. I assure you that we will continue investing in this country with the certainty that we will continue to be here for at least another 150 years”.


Economy Secretary Ildefonso Guajardo Villareal said that, “Improving the conditions to attract foreign investment changes the country’s dynamics as regards its territory and productive sectors”.

He said that national and foreign direct investment sends a message about an economy’s long-term stability, “Because it is not the kind that invests in paper;  instead, it invests in nuts and bolts; machines and workers. It is the kind that comes to stay and drive the future of a country”.

 “It is the type of investment that sends messages to long-term markets that betting on Mexico is a great bet, and that they are here to grow with Mexico and bet on Mexico,” he said.

He said that in 1935, 81 years ago, the first Nestlé factory was inaugurated in Mexico, and today, this new plant, equipped with the latest technology, confirms Nestlé’s commitment to the country, and, “Increases supply so that we can raise our imports of milk formulas by 32% and thereby grow capacity in the domestic market”.


Governor of Jalisco Jorge Aristóteles Sandoval Diaz said that in response to the global financial crisis, our country is taking difficult but responsible decisions. He acknowledged that the government is assuming the cost, “By tightening its belt, not that of the people, and also protecting the states and municipalities by guaranteeing their share”.

He said that in difficult times, one has to make difficult decisions, but above all, efficient ones which, combined with everyone’s efforts and work, is reflected in companies such as Nestlé, which continues to bet on Mexico and Mexicans.

Aristóteles Sandoval said that today, thanks to the president’s work and determined reforms, “We can have certainty, security, credibility and trust in different parts of the world, because today the world is turning to look at Mexico”.

On the president's agenda, which all the governors have been instructed to follow, the aim is promote the path of innovation, technology transfer, technology development and to provide skills and training for our workers, to further expand the educational offer, which is what generated the results in this triple helix alliance of government-private sector-universities, knowledge and research institutes, which is what has provided a benefit