• Institutions have been built in this administration that will allow us all to create a better nation, he said.
  • In my capacity as president, my only mission is for to Mexico do well, he said.

President Enrique Peña Nieto participated in the Promoting Mexico: growing in challenging times, organized by Grupo Financiero Interacciones, in which he said that our country, “Has built new foundations to promote a genuine transformation in institutional aspects and foster development for Mexico,” adding that, “I am fully convinced and do not wish to be complacent”.

He said that the most privileged position for someone in public life is to be president,  “One has a way of impacting, and influencing and changing as we have been doing, and in this task, my sole aim is for Mexico to do well”.

I repeat: I will not lapse into complacency. I am the first to recognize faults, errors and mistakes, but also the progress and achievements we have had, but for a single goal, a single task and mission I set myself as president of Mexico,” he declared.

At the forum, during which he answered several questions from the audience, President Peña Nieto urged them, “Beyond your personal assessment of the president and the government, to speak well of Mexico,” since you are witnesses and experience the “achievements and progress first hand”.

"You know whether or not they exist; you experience them in your everyday lives, your businesses and your investments. You know whether or not they are really growing”. He said that, “The key indicators are clearly positive and very different from those we had during the same period in the previous administration”.

“We?re on track, we are on the right path,” he said, adding that, “Projecting what Mexico is worth, projecting the confidence in Mexico we wish it to elicit out there, depends on what we all say in our home, our great home that is Mexico”.

The president said that Mexico is now in a process of transition and transformation in which, “The foundations for building a better nation have already been laid”.

He said: “In short, we are a country that is growing. For the first time, according to data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Mexico has reversed a trend of over 15 years to become a more productive country, which was a key issue Mexico had to deal with before embarking on a path of further growth and development”.

He said that the four years of his administration, “Have seen major transformations in strengthening democratic institutions, the expansion of Mexicans’ rights, and particularly reforms that will undoubtedly allow the country to improve its performance and achieve greater development in the economic sphere”.

The president noted that this, “Means eliminating a great deal of resistance and breaking away from old ways of doing things in our country and indeed, we have been devoting significant efforts to ensuring the proper implementation of these reforms”.

“And I must say that it is also thanks to these reforms that Mexico has been better equipped to cope with the complex economic scenario worldwide,” he added.

He recalled that. “More jobs than ever before have been created than in the same period in which we are living today”. He added that new data on inflation were released today and that this year has seen the lowest rate on record, with just over three percent. He added that, “If we measured it, monthly inflation would be practically the same as last year’s,” the lowest ever recorded.

He explained that the institutions we have built in this administration, “Will allow us all to create a better nation”. He said that the law itself does not make a change, or its implementation; but rather the convergence of efforts between what institutions are consolidating and society’s active participation.


President of Grupo Financiero Interacciones Carlos Hank Rhon highlighted the president’s participation in the Promoting Mexico forum, since this is clear sign of, “His vision and leadership in combining all the voices in our democracy, for the benefit of Mexico”.

He explained that the purpose of the forum is to contribute to building a better country and grow at a challenging time, noting that Mexico today has the strength required to do so.

“The structural reforms that have been undertaken in our country since the start of his administration give us the certainty to cope with an adverse international environment. Mexico today has a solid foundation, with a clear, long-term vision and a clear direction,” he said.

Hank Rhon said that it is up to entrepreneurs join forces with the government and civil society to promote the country’s development.