• Road works do not arise spontaneously; they are part of a plan to define what will allow our country to continue to grow and drive its development, he said.
  • 28,000 kilometers of rural roads have been built during this administration, he said.
  • In the State of Mexico, he inaugurated the Ecatepec-Santa Clara stretch of the Mexico-Pachuca highway and the Toluca-La Marquesa stretch of the Mexico-Toluca road.
  • He celebrated his 50th birthday inaugurating infrastructure projects and meeting commitments.

President Enrique Peña Nieto said today that, “The goal of this government is for Mexico, given its geographical location and great connectivity to various regions of the world, to be more competitive”.

Accordingly, he said, "We have drawn up a master plan to connect different regions of our country that were previously not properly connected. A master plan to boost our competitiveness.”

He added that unless companies that set up business in the country find a good communications infrastructure, not only for roads  but also for railways and ports, they are unlikely to invest because this will increase the cost of production of any of its products.

He noted that lowering production costs to enable products to compete in different markets at better prices means that there is good infrastructure where investments are made in productive projects.

At the event, in which the president inaugurated the La Marquesa-Toluca stretch of the expansion of the Mexico-Toluca highway, where he was accompanied by his wife, Angélica Rivera de Peña, he said that the delivery of this road undoubtedly improves the connectivity of two major metropolitan areas in the country, reducing travel times, and improving users’ security.

He explained that road works do not arise, “Spontaneously, they are part of a plan, a projection, to define what will allow our country to continue to grow and boost its development, which will eventually provide conditions of well-being for our people”.

The president declared that road construction involves various problems, not only financial, but sometimes also legal. “It's not easy, which is why we should celebrate the fact that the government is meeting the goal we set for ourselves with several of the projects”.

He said that the goal is to complete 52 highways and that to date, 26 have already been inaugurated, with a total length of approximately 1600 kilometers. Fifty-seven of the 80 federal highways have been modernized or expanded and inaugurated, with a length of  two thousand kilometers.

To date, 28,000 kilometers of rural roads have been completed. “These are sometimes not seen or appreciated because they are in small, remote  communities, scattered throughout the country, but they also involve a great effort. Assigning fund to the construction of rural roads and their expansion is particularly important,” he explained.

 “This is a government that is committed to improving the quality of life of our people and what we want in each of these events is to show the importance and the value of each of these works,” he explained.

“That is the goal of this government,” he added, “which is why we have undertaken the reforms: to create solid foundations that are sometimes not fully appreciated, but are certainly very important pillars that will allow Mexican families to have better scenarios for development and the realization and fulfillment of their personal projects and the collective projects we have as a society”.

The president celebrated the coincidence of his 50th birthday and his fifth visit the State of Mexico, and doing so by fulfilling commitments and delivering more works.

In the presence of his wife, mother and siblings, President Peña Nieto cut a cake, and stated that his greatest happiness, “Is the happiness of all Mexico, of all Mexican families. I'll be happy as long as Mexico is happy”.

He said that, “I’ll keep the photographic memory of this stage of my life, which has been a privilege for me: serving as the president of all Mexicans, and on my 50th birthday, devoting my greatest passion, effort and all my commitment and responsibility to serving our nation”.

Mrs. Rivera de Peña said that President Peña Nieto is a man committed to the people and to his family.

Earlier, in the municipality of Tecámac, also in the State of Mexico, the president inaugurated the Ecatepec-Santa Clara stretch of the Mexico-Pachuca highway, which involved an investment of over 3.1 billion pesos, which, he said, reduces travel time for millions of residents in the eastern part of the State of Mexico.

He declared that completing works such as this requires good relations and proper coordination of efforts between the federal government and the government of the State of Mexico. Otherwise, efforts would be scattered and not concentrate on major goals. “We have extraordinary coordination and we are working in a team for the benefit of the State of Mexico,” he explained.

President Peña Nieto told residents that it is they who, “Can value and appreciate how living conditions improve; we are doing this together”. He stressed that, “The aim of creating a better city, a better neighborhood, a better country, requires everyone to align the efforts of governments and the collective effort of society”.

He said that, as president, he has made number of commitments in various fields and declared that he is meeting each of them: "They are major goals, major objectives but they ultimately impact the quality of life and conditions of well-being of our people,” he concluded.


Secretary of Communications and Transport (SCT) Gerardo Ruiz Esparza said that the two works inaugurated today by the president, represent an investment of nearly seven billion pesos. “There can be no doubt,” he said, “that 80 percent of domestic production flows through our arteries, on our roads. And these, in addition to bringing towns and communities closer together, allow domestic production to move with speed and timeliness”.

“What does this do? it creates exports, creates sales in markets and jobs for Mexicans,” he added.

He said the new La Marquesa-Toluca highway will help ease the traffic congestion of more than 120,000 vehicles traveling that route every day. Toluca, he said, “Will be only half an hour from Mexico City, but much safer”.

Ruiz Esparza said that the SCT is committed to a policy of results and achievement of goals with strict adherence to the law, transparency and accountability, as well as openness to public scrutiny. "These results have helped to make Mexico more attractive as a logistics platform and an investment center for high-tech manufacturing industry in the country,” he said.


Governor of the State of Mexico Eruviel Ávila, thanked the government for the infrastructure in the state, which, he said, translates into greater prosperity, greater protection, more opportunities for family time and greater investment and job creation.

In this regard, he noted that thanks to the teamwork and support of President Enrique Peña Nieto, the State of Mexico is achieving the perfect combination of infrastructure and culture, with the construction of the Plaza de las Alas and the Urban Mural, which, with a length of five kilometers,  will be the longest one in the country.

 “We are convinced that the expansion of infrastructure is a crucible as well as a great opportunity to support culture,” he said.


Crescenciana Angela Flores Galvez, a resident of the Municipality of Ocoyoacac in the State of Mexico, thanked President Enrique Peña Nieto “For this great work you have delivered to the residents of the State of Mexico. This reflects your commitment to you countrymen and proves that you are a man of your word”.

”You are people with great vision and you promote great works and programs that create wellbeing for our families. Your work makes itself felt in our region,” she said.

She said that highways represent development, security, speed and spending less time on the road and more time with their families. She went on to say that it represents, “A great benefit for many families, particularly for those of us involved in trade” since shorter travel time to Mexico City will enable them to obtain material more quickly.