• This will reduce tariffs between the two countries on a larger number of goods.
  • Bilateral economic relations have an enormous potential we are now determined to promote”.

Earlier today, President Enrique Peña Nieto and President of Paraguay Horacio Cartes Jara, currently on an official visit to Mexico, agreed the negotiation of an Economic Complementation Agreement between the two countries.

In a joint press statement in the courtyard of the National Palace, the president of Mexico said that this agreement “will allow us to reduce tariffs between our countries on a greater number of goods”.

He stressed that, “In economic matters, we intend to go beyond the Partial Scope Agreement 38 that has governed our economic relationship for 33 years, which is frankly inadequate and prevents us from advancing a better relationship in the economies of our countries.”

In the past 10 years, bilateral trade increased from just $36 million USD to $224 million USD, an annual increase of 22 percent.

"We really believe that economic relations between the two countries have enormous potential. Although this figure shows growing progress in the relationship, the potential is even greater and we are now determined to promote it,” he said.

President Peña Nieto President said today, within the framework of the official visit, “We are signing nine instruments and announcing three more that will strengthen our legal framework”.

Paraguay, he said, “Is a leading global producer of foods such as soy, beef and seeds. Today we have the opportunity to expand our links in the food sector, as well as highly specialized manufactured goods”.

He added that, “In tourism, we welcome the signing of an agreement that will allow us to have a program to encourage the tourist flow and cooperation between Paraguayan and Mexican travel agencies”. In 2015, he explained, 19,000 Paraguayans visited Mexico, 22 percent more than in 2014.

- Technical cooperation agreements have been signed on issues such as diplomacy, gender equality, social security, postal services, protection of cultural and artistic heritage and integrated risk management,” he added.

"All these agreements are proof of the will of Paraguay and Mexico to strengthen ties and consolidate an increasingly productive friendship and an increasingly strategic partnership”, he said.

The Mexican president said that the visit by the Paraguayan president, “Places particular emphasis on the relationship between our nations, a shared commitment to grow together, to join us in this transformation both governments are undertaking for our societies”.

He said that Horacio Cartes is a great friend, “With whom we have managed to build a genuine, close relationship in a constructive spirit to bring our countries closer in a greater economic exchange, with greater cooperation and a shared vision to promote the transformation and development of our societies”.

 “Despite the geographical distance between our countries, there is an affinity and shared vision and we are determined to accompany each other on this path to a better, much more promising future in favor of our societies,” he said.

The president subsequently hosted a dinner in honor of the Paraguayan president in the Treasury Hall of the National Palace. In the morning, he led the welcoming ceremony in the courtyard, during which the national anthems of the two countries were played and the two leaders reviewed the Guard of Honor.


President of Paraguay Horacio Cartes Jara said that during his meetings with President Peña Nieto, “We have made progress in strengthening common understanding and, above all, in the exchange, complementarity and cooperation between our two countries”.

“There is undeniable empathy, sincere appreciation and coincidence between Paraguay and Mexico, despite the geographical distance between our two countries,” he said.

He noted that during his visit, they reviewed current relations between the two countries and in general, he said, during his visit, “We found great similarity in the common purpose of expanding and strengthening ties in various areas to bring our peoples closer and especially to contribute to sustained economic growth, prosperity and well-being, which is ultimately the highest aspiration of those in power”.

After thanking President Peña Nieto for this significant, historic trip, made possible, "By the affection you have shown my people, for which I thank you once again," he  said that it is no coincidence that the Mexican president has, “Emphasized the productive conversation we had on the right to self-determination and the principle of non-intervention, in addition to equality between states”.

He said that the two leaders are convinced that, "Democracy is the path to ensuring that peace, coexistence and develop continue to evolve in the destination of our peoples”.

He said that the two governments are keen to expand bilateral trade, productive diversification, technology transfer and good practices, as well as investments. He declared that they are open to major agreements regarding economic negotiations to promote development with equity.

We agreed, he said, “Valuable cooperation to improve citizen security and the protection of human lives. Fighting drug trafficking and organized transnational crime is another crucial aspect of the increase in cooperation between our two states,” he said.