• The two leaders condemned the acts of terrorism in Turkey.
  • Barack Obama highlights the remarkable leadership achieved by Mexico as regards climate change.
  • He invited President Enrique Peña Nieto to visit the United States before his term ends.

As part of the North American Leaders' Summit 2016, held in this city, President Enrique Peña Nieto met today with United States President Barack Obama, with whom he discussed various issues on the bilateral agenda, in order to further strengthen relations between the two countries, saying that to generate prosperity for society, “Isolation is not the way; integration is”.

President Barack Obama congratulated President Peña Nieto on the, “Outstanding leadership Mexico has shown in relation to climate change,” and said that Mexico has not only been a leader in shaping the Paris Agreement, established last year, “But is now a leader in implementing that agreement.”

He said: “I would like to thank Mexico for its leadership on issues related to refugees. They will co-host a summit on refugees we wish to hold in September at the same time as the United Nations Assembly”.

On the one hand, the Mexican president said that, “We see that the world today is teaching us that strategic partnership between countries favors the development of our societies, and I think one of the biggest challenges we have today, which we have discussed, it is to make people feel the benefits of these efforts at regional integration”.

He explained that these benefits “are there” and said that, “Today jobs are generated and businesses grow, which opens up development opportunities for more people through this regional integration”.

In addition, he said that the world today is teaching us various lessons: "Realizing that isolation cannot be the way to create prosperity for a society but rather the joint efforts of countries located in the same region”.

He reported that during the meeting, he thanked President Barack Obama for the political his government has had to work jointly with the Mexican government to address issues they undoubtedly share, not only in the economic and commercial sphere, but also in security and cooperation. He stressed the importance of “our regional integration”.

He announced that they have agreed to continue working to review cooperation in security, because, he explained, "the security of both nations involves cooperation between the two governments as regards sharing information, having daily interaction to protect the security of both the United States and Mexico”.

He said that they are committed, “To continuing this dialogue and interaction in a very timely manner. As President Obama has noted, I think today must work and reinforce our work to combat organized crime, particularly drug trafficking, and particularly those who are heroin producers and traffickers since we have noticed growing production as well as increased introduction of this drug into the U.S. We have decided to work on this task.”

He also declared that we have decided to support our work to achieve, in the case of Mexico, congressional approval of the agreement reached in the TPP.

He said that the relationship between the United States and Mexico is historic, given their geographical proximity. But, he established, “These governments, President Obama’s government and the Mexican government have undoubtedly placed special emphasis on and underlined the importance of teamwork and making a common front as regards different issues that are the solution to the problems facing our societies”.

President Peña Nieto said that he had therefore thanked Barack Obama for ensuring that the relationship between the two countries had not only been in the diplomatic arena. “It has also been expressed in the high-level dialogue and agreements between officials from both government represented here today by those who accompany these two delegations from both the United States Government, and the Mexican government”.

The Mexican president also thanked Barack Obama for his invitation to return to the United States soon, to “continue addressing very specific issues in the relations between the two countries, and for this to confirm that we are neighbors, friendly countries and ensure that this friendship translates, as has been happening, into great cooperation and teamwork for the welfare, development and security of our nations”.

He expressed Mexico’s solidarity with Turkey and condemned yesterday’s unfortunate events in that nation, which claimed dozens of lives. He expressed Mexico’s solidarity with the victims’ families and issued a broad-ranging, specific condemnation of violence. “We regret and condemn these acts of terror,” he said.


President Barack Obama said that cooperation between the US and Mexico on many issues has really been of great importance, and reported that during the meeting, they had the opportunity to talk about, “The strength of our trade, business, and between our peoples.”

He said the United States is not only a friend and neighbor of Mexico’s, but that the very nature of the United States has been shaped by the Americans and Mexicans who have given lent vision to their policies, their businesses, “When we so often we hear rhetoric that ignores the enormous contributions made by Mexican-Americans and the great strength that comes from this friendship with our friends in the South”.

He also said that, “We are really committed to ensuring that we have labor and environmental standards, and that we can improve trade between our two countries, which is reflected in our commitment to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)”.

He explained that with President Enrique Peña Nieto, “We have talked about the excellent cooperation received from the Mexican government on border issues. This can facilitate trade, business and tourism between our two countries; but also ensures we can enforce our immigration laws in an orderly, firm manner”.

Barack Obama said that, “We are also developing other measures focused on the positive elements of relations between our countries, whether they be education, science or culture”.

“As always, President Peña Nieto has been an important partner. I have invited him to visit Washington, one last time, before the end of my government. And we hope to see him, with his delegation, in Washington,” he said.

Regarding the terrorist acts registered in Turkey and its authors, he warned that, “They will be defeated in Syria and Iraq and wherever they are. They'll have to flee. It doesn't matter where they are hiding.”

After condemning the events, he said that, “We will not rest until they dismantle those networks they have created, which have an impact on the civilized world.”

He noted that, “This is a view shared by Mexico, Canada and everyone on this continent and in every corner of the world. We express our solidarity with the people of Turkey and will do what is need to prevent a repetition of these terrible events”.