· This rapprochement gives us an opportunity to enhance the relationship, and focus on the development and welfare of our societies, declared  President Peña Nieto.

· He highlighted the German government’s political will to raise the level of dialogue, coordination and cooperation between the two governments.

President Enrique Peña Nieto and Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel held a joint press conference in which the Mexican president said that Germany and Mexico, “Are two countries that share values:  democracy and free trade. “

During the Mexican president’s state visit to this country, and after holding a private meeting with Chancellor Merkel, he declared that, “Germany is a country that is experiencing development and economic growth.”

He added that, “Mexico, as part of the Latin American region and North America, is a country in a difficult, volatile economic scenario yet one that is also growing economically.”

“It is having more employment, low inflation rates, which shows that we are two countries that share values: democracy and free trade, and this rapprochement gives us an opportunity to enhance the relationship, and focus on the development and welfare of our societies,” he said.

· The Mexican president highlighted, “The German government’s political will to raise the level of dialogue, coordination and cooperation between the two governments,” as a result of the Binational Commission created last year.

Within this dialogue, the president mentioned that he met this morning with businessmen from both countries, and heard testimonials about the great opportunities that lie ahead. He noted that companies that are already established in Mexico, “Spoke of the positive scenario of our country, the opportunities and the success they are having in Mexico.”

At the same time, he said, German entrepreneurs heard the testimonials of Mexican businessmen, “Showing the potential and the opportunities Mexico offers our entrepreneurs today.”

We agreed, he said, that, “Governments are facilitators. We create the conditions for our entrepreneurs to establish a better relationship, enhance the level of economic and trade relations, and contribute to job creation in our countries and, above all, provide space to foster the development and welfare of our societies.”

President Peña Nieto said that recent years have seen significant growth in German companies’ investment in Mexico, which creates 120,000  jobs. At the same time, he added, “Mexican companies are investing in Germany or being consolidated as part of the production chain generated in the world between German and Mexican companies.”

He said the space for dialogue during this visit, “Has allowed us to exchange remarks on the scenarios both nations are experiencing and our great challenges.”

The president said that he discussed with Chancellor Merkel, “Issues that are a priority, particularly for Mexico. The adoption of structural reforms, which undoubtedly give us great strength, expands the potential we have as a nation to project ourselves in the world to be much more competitive and attract investment.”

“We also talked about the major challenges in security, in which we provided a context for the scenario and Mexico’s condition of being a federal system, very like Germany’s, in which she kindly offered us cooperation and the possibility of sharing the experiences we have had here to improve security conditions  in this federal scheme, where there are different levels, as there are in Mexico.”

In this area, President Peña Nieto said that the chancellor, “Kindly offered to share her experience with us, which is similar to that of our country because of its federal composition, and which will contribute to this goal.”

He said that they also discussed Mexico’s incorporation into the peacekeeping operations coordinated by the UN, where Germany has offered cooperation to train the armed force personnel that could eventually participate in these tasks.


Noting that this is the Dual Year, the Year of Mexico in Germany and of Germany in Mexico, Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel said that,  “We have very close cooperation” between the two countries, including the economy and energy, adding that during the Mexican president’s visit, there has been an intense climate of work, based on the conviction that Germany and Mexico wish to deepen their cooperation.

She noted that Mexico, despite low oil prices, and major challenges for its own industry, “Has not opted for protectionism or chosen to be isolated, and continues to be committed to free trade and remaining a good partner.”

Therefore, she said, “In Germany, we will advocate for trade relations between the European Union and Mexico to be renewed on the basis of the global agreement, in order to further develop this trade agreement.”

Chancellor Merkel also said that the talks concerned the reforms undertaken by Mexico, and issues such as organized crime, internal security, and police, in which Germany, as a federal country, offered to exchange experiences.

She also said that cooperation projects were identified in the area of criminal investigation, and the struggle for human rights, which, she said, is an integral part of Mexico’s future development.

“In short,” she declared, “it is a visit that reflects and will be able to advance the intensity of our relations,” adding that: “For many German tourists, Mexico is a great destination.”