· This fact, revealed by the INEGI, is no coincidence, but a reflection of the results and growing professionalization of our federal security forces, he said.

· The National Security Commission has prioritized training to ensure that the Federal Police remain the most reliable, effective police force in the country, he said.

· The Federal Police’s actions must always be undertaken in strict compliance with the rule of law, its internal regulations and the protocols for the use of force. This is what I have instructed the National Security Commissioner to do, he said.

· The president led the commemoration of Federal Police Day and the 88th anniversary of this police corporation.

President Enrique Peña Nieto said today that the Federal Police are perceived by Mexicans as the best trained police force, according to the INEGI’s National Survey on Urban Public Security.

He explained that this is no coincidence, but a, “Reflection of the results and growing professionalization of our federal security corps”.

As he led the commemoration of Federal Police Day and the 88th anniversary of the police corporation, the president declared that  in order to ensure that the Federal Police, “Remains the most reliable, effective police force in the country, the National Security Commission has made their training a priority”.

“We are consolidating careers in the police force from recruitment, selection and admission, to promotion and performance awards. Moreover, in order to boost their training during this administration, two Regional Vocational Training Academies have been opened, where we create new capacities for analysis, research, intelligence, information processing and fighting organized crime,” he added.

He said that students graduate from these academies, “With the highest quality standards, and are trained to behave ethically and professionally”.

"This is the case of the first generation of the Specialized Gendarmerie in Environmental Mission, which will be responsible for investigating and prosecuting offenses in this field, especially in Protected Natural Areas,” he explained.

The president announced that as of today, “Training at Federal Police Academies will be recognized by the Education Secretariat as a higher education degree. This will achieve one of Federal Police members’ long-awaited goals”.

“So, through concrete facts, the government supports those who serve the country with dedication and determination,” he said.

President Peña Nieto told members of the Federal Police force: “With this same conviction and firmness, you must honor your badge and your uniform. No security corporation will tolerate behavior that violates the law”.

He said: “The Federal Police’s actions must always be undertaken in strict compliance with the rule of law, its internal regulations and the protocols for the use of force. This is what I have instructed the National Security Commissioner to do”.

He said that when a member of the police force departs from these guidelines, “It is the state’s responsibility to investigate and, if necessary, sanction inappropriate behavior”.

“This is how things should be done, as stipulated by the law. This is how it must be done, so that the Federal Police continue to be consolidated as a great institution serving Mexicans,” he said.

During the event, held at the Federal Police Command Center (CONTEL), the president expressed his thanks for the Federal Police’s firm discipline, high level of responsibility and permanent commitment to society.

He also paid tribute, “To those with exemplary courage killed or injured in the line of duty”. He added, “I express my greatest personal and institutional thanks to the seven members of the Federal Police who died this year serving their country. Their sacrifice is undoubtedly a cause for sadness, but should also serve as an example and inspiration for all their colleagues and loved ones”.

“As we recall those who died in the line of duty, we also appreciate the work of all of you, all of our Federal Police, who are always prepared to take great risks in your lofty mission,” he added.

He noted that, in return for their service to society, “The government is working to ensure that you and your relatives have decent benefits: social security, maternity and paternity leave, with insurance and scholarships, seniority bonuses and retirement pensions”.

He recalled that two months ago, the ISSSTE began giving preferential access to its Child Development and Well-being Centers to the children of federal police, thereby sparing them from having to be on waiting lists.

Likewise, he said, “A special, unprecedented program has been established for policemen and women to take advantage of mortgage loans, without having to wait for their names to be drawn by lot. Policewomen will now be able to obtain Female Householders’ Life Insurance”.

All these features and benefits, said, “Are part of Mexicans’ sincere gratitude for your noble work. In the places where the Federal Police support local authorities in crime fighting and crime prevention, the communities are grateful to you and appreciate you.”

During the event, President Peña Nieto presented the “Eagle Knight” award to relatives of the seven federal police who lost their lives in the line of duty this year.

He also presented Merit Awards and Graduation Certificates, and swore in cadets from the Federal Police Vocational Training Academy.

The President witnessed the Parade of Honor and the Air Parade performed by the Federal Police.


Renato Sales Heredia, National Security Commissioner, noted that President Peña Nieto’s support of the police force, “Requires us to give better results. It compels us to working ceaselessly to achieve the Mexico at peace we all want in order to move Mexico”.

 “We are coordinating and improving the institutional mechanisms for our members to act with full respect for human rights and eliminate excesses in the use of force,” he declared.

He said that, “In order to enforce the law, you must first obey it. The Federal Police is an institution of excellence accredited by its actions and the values represented by each of its members, which is why it has no place for those acting outside the law”.

He said that, “Being a policeman is and must always be an ethical vocation of genuine public service. One often forgets the adversities faced by federal police, who place their dedication, effort and lives at the service of Mexicans to guarantee the rights and freedoms of citizens”. He thanked the president for promoting more and better alternatives for individual and family development for federal police.


General Commissioner of the Federal Police Enrique Galindo Ceballos said: “The mandate is quite clear: to serve and protect the community, although no member of the Federal Police should act outside the law. No member of our institution should be above protocols, nor should any instruction violate citizens’ human rights. They must not fail to observe any constitutional obligation to protect Mexicans”.

“We are very clear about our mission: police actions must strictly comply with human rights and never, never be above the law,” he said.

 “When we have been in circumstances that cast doubt on the performance of the Federal Police,” he added, “we have responded with timeliness and transparency, responsibility and compliance with the law, and will continue to do so”.

Galindo Ceballos told the president that the members of this police force regard him as, “A humane president sensitive to the most pressing needs of all federal police”. He noted that, throughout his administration, “The police force has reached levels of professionalism and specialization that surpass international standards.  We are on the road to excellence,” he concluded.


On behalf of her colleagues, NCO Dr. Paulina Millán Hernández told President Enrique Peña Nieto that his support for the Federal Police "is a solid pillar underpinning the benefits that have improved our families’ living standards as never before”.

She thanked him from his presence at CONTEL, which, she said, are, “Your house and the house of the police and federal police. We appreciate you and we always welcome you. You are one of us”.

She also thanked Interior Secretary Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, because under his guidance, “Improved conditions for Mexico's  federal police have translated into visible, palpable actions,” she said. 

Finally, she urged her colleagues who are graduating today to be aware that, “There are an example for those who will swell our ranks next year. They must be certain that in every step they take, all of us, their fellow federal police officers, will be with them”.