·         The government’s priority is to maintain the conditions of macroeconomic stability. This stability is the basic condition for growth, and reforms are the instrument for accelerating that growth, he declared.

·        According to figures from the IMSS, 142,291 formal jobs were created in February. This is the highest number for February since monthly records began to be registered, he noted.

·        INEGI reported that inflation in February totaled 2.87 percent, the lowest  rate for that month in 46 years, he stated.

·        He swore in the Executive Committee and the Board of the Confederation of the National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism.

President Enrique Peña Nieto said today that, “Through structural reforms, innovative public policies and infrastructure, we now have a stronger platform for promoting the country’s growth and development, even in this complex scenario of the world economy we are currently experiencing.

After swearing in the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (CONCANACO-SERVyTUR), the president declared that the figures for the country’s economic environment, “Reflect a reality: Mexico enjoys stability and has an increasingly strong, expanding domestic market.”

To continue this trend, the government’s priority is to maintain the conditions of macroeconomic stability.” He added that this stability, “Is the basic condition for growth, and reforms are the instrument for accelerating that growth.”

President Peña Nieto stressed that formal employment continues to rise: According to the latest figures from the Mexican Social Security Institute, 142,291 formal jobs were created in February. This is the highest number for February since monthly records began to be registered. Thus, formal employment grew at an annual rate of 3.8 percent, confirming that the Mexican economy is moving along.”

He added that Mexico has price stability: “Today, the INEGI (National Institute of Statistics and Geography) announced that inflation in February was 2.87 percent.” He explained that this figure is significant because, “It is the lowest rate for February for the past 46 years.”

He noted that in 2016, there have even been,

 “Reductions in the cost of fuel such as gasoline and electricity.” If we compare electricity rates throughout the administration, he continued, “Those in the commercial sector have fallen by up to 23.5 percent.”

He declared that in December, private consumption grew at an annual rate of 5.2%, “The highest rate for this month in 11 years.” In February 2016, he said, “Sales of department and self-service stores that have been operating for a year experienced annual growth of 9.6 percent, and in the case of total stores, annual growth stood at 12.5 percent.”

The president explained that the Mexican economy has been accelerating its growth rate: “In 2013, the GDP grew by 1.3 percent; in 2014 by 2.3 percent and in 2015 by 2.5 percent.”

He declared that this rate, “Exceeds the performance of some economies that are larger than our own, and although it is not the figure or the optimal level of growth we would like to have, it is important that in this complex international context we are experiencing, our economy has shown an upward trend as regards performance and growth.”

He reported that last year, “The service sector increased by 3.3 percent, while trade grew by 4.5 percent, confirming that the domestic market is expanding and that it has been one of the main engines of growth.”

He declared that in 2015, “The Tourism Sector registered record figures: He announced that during the first two months of this year, 230,463 cars were sold in Mexico. “This is the highest number of vehicle sales in the country recorded in the first bimester since 1988. This indicator is particularly illustrative, because it not only reflects greater purchasing power, but also the confidence of a family or a company in the present and future of the country’s economy.”

The president said Mexico, “Is much more than these figures: figures only project what all Mexicans are building together.” This is a government, he added, “That has sought to open bridges of dialogue, rapprochement and consultation with all business organizations and sectors of Mexican society.”

“Mexico continues to progress, under the aegis of its institutions, which have been built for the benefit of our nation by successive generations,” he added.

During the event, President Peña Nieto presented awards to three entrepreneurs in the trade, service and tourism sector, as well as the indigenous children’s basketball team, the Triqui Children of Oaxaca, as part of the “Speak and Act Well for Mexico.”


After declaring that, “In response to the challenges we face, it is time to combine efforts, talent and experience for the benefit of Mexico,” CONCANACO SERVyTUR president Enrique Solana Sentíes said that this Confederation confirms its support of the government, “So that through the structural reforms adopted during Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration, economic activities will continue to be promoted to foster employment, investment and savings.”

He declared that, “The country’s structural transformations have contributed to making us a much more diversified economy with a greater capacity for coping with the complex world crisis we are currently experiencing.”

On behalf of the organization, Solana Sentíes thanked the president for boosting the southern region of the country through the enactment of the Federal Law on Special Economic Zones, and called for the promotion of measures to strengthen the economy of the northern area of Mexico.

He mentioned that the 140 chambers of commerce, services and tourism participating in the  CONCANACO Tablet Program benefitted more than 15,000 entrepreneurs with this technological tool.  He therefore asked President Peña Nieto to organize another similar program, targeting members of its chambers. “I am sure that the results we deliver will be surprising and, of course, much more productive and positive,” he declared.

“It is time to join forces, to work for Mexico and its citizens; to banish poverty and fight inequality and to create opportunities for those with least.”  He concluded by saying, “We are approaching 100 years of history and tradition, 100 years that have contributed to our ideals and strengthened our noble mission; 100 years in which we have worked tirelessly for the interests of our members, always seeking to make our great nation a more productive and competitive Mexico.”