• I am not asking you to speak well of the government, far less of the president; but as members of this society, and as proud as we all are of being Mexican, to speak very well of the greatness of our nation, he said.
  • 70th Anniversary of ITAM This institution is undoubtedly a great example of the educational model we are promoting, this is an institution of excellence, he said.
  • Education Reform makes the greatest contribution to development because it directly benefits all Mexican families, by offering the following generations a greater opportunity for personal growth and well-being: Alberto Baillères, Chairman of the ITAM Governing Board.

As he led the ceremony commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM), President Enrique Peña Nieto said that, "We are all agents of the transformation Mexico is experiencing,” and urged people, “Not to focus on what we do not want and instead to think positively about the Mexico we do want”.

“Let us speak well of what we want, where we live and where we are. I have said this often: I am not asking you to speak well of the government, far less the president; the evaluations of this administration will come in due course. But I do urge you, as members of this society, proud as you all are of being Mexican, to speak very well of our greatness as a nation,” he said.

The president said: Let us continue positively and constructively transforming our country, so that future generations will have a space for greater personal fulfillment, and professional and personal success”:

“Let everyone from their sphere of action, continue doing more for their country and constructing a better nation,” he explained.

The president declared that through the changes promoted by the government and the convergence of efforts of the various political expressions, important foundations have been laid that will make it possible to project and imagine what Mexico will be like within a few years: “with better quality education, more energy sovereignty, a country where there are companies engaged in the exploration and production of our resources and energy wealth for national development and prosperity; a Mexico with increased competition in various sectors”.

At the event, Chairman of the ITAM Governing Board Alberto Baillères said that Education Reform, the first of several far-reaching constitutional reforms undertaken by President Peña Nieto, “Is the one that makes the greatest contribution to development because it directly benefits all Mexican families by providing their children and the following generations with a better opportunity for personal growth and welfare”.

He said that, “Education must be guided and managed as a state policy; it must be protected from the struggle of party and union interests."

For his part, the president thanked Alberto Baillères for his support of the education reform promoted by the government.

He noted that the fruits of Education Reform, “Will not be seen in the very short term”.

He said that this Reform, “Consists of three main variables: Improving the professionalization of our teachers; having better trained teachers subject to constant, regular evaluation; and a better educational infrastructure.”

“ITAM  is undoubtedly a great example of the educational model we are promoting; it is an institution of excellence,” he said.

“It has made an invaluable contribution to many generations. It has taught men and men who are now contributing, from different areas of society, to the construction of a better nation.

President Peña Nieto also acknowledged the lifetime achievements of Alberto Baillères: "A man in whom I see a great visionary, a great businessman, but above all a great human being who has a  single devotion called Mexico. This has been borne out through his efforts”.

I congratulate you, first, on your boundless love for Mexico and your unparalleled commitment to education, important values you inherited from your father. I also congratulate you on guiding the efforts of this great institute over the past five decades. Without your momentum, ITAM graduates would not have had the same recognition,” he added.

He acknowledged the work of ITAM’s principals, teachers and researchers. “ITAM’s prestige is largely due to the leadership and entrepreneurial vision of Don Alberto Baillères,” he said.

The president recalled that several graduates from this institution have accompanied him, “In this government’s efforts to serve an entire great nation”.

He said that today, ITAM marks seven decades, “Of academic excellence, training upright citizens, and promoting leaders who have accompanied the growth of our country”.

“These classrooms have seen thousands of men and women who have contributed their effort and talent to the consolidation of the country we have today,” he said.

He stressed that ITAM and its graduates, “Have contributed a great deal to consolidating this market model of trade liberalization and macroeconomic stability, which has guided the Mexican economy over the past 30 years,” and also that, “The ITAM community has always contributed to the evolution of our country, indicating the remaining challenges in a timely fashion and contributing ideas and possible solutions to the challenges we face as a nation”.


Chairman of ITAM'S Governing Board Alberto Baillères said: "We cannot disappoint millions of Mexicans who see their children’s education as the hope for achieving their economic and social emancipation, nor can we continue compromising the country’s prosperity, justice and equality”.

He considered that, “There is a long, winding road to achieving the full implementation of education reform, and thereby the country’s social and economic development”. He said that, “As a society, we must assume that children and young people’s right to a good education should be above any other right, and of course, any other interest”.

Moreover, he said, “We must understand that funding for public education comes from the sacrifice of all Mexicans. Therefore, squandering this money offends Mexicans, which have sacrificed part of their immediate happiness for the benefit of the spiritual improvement and material future only education can achieve”.

He said that: “I have no doubt Mexico has a rosy future. Its people are wonderful, young, creative and with great aspirations to improve their social and economic status,” adding that,  “We have developed an economy that is now a medium power with a great potential to become  one of the 10 largest economies in the world”.


Dean of ITAM Arturo Fernández Pérez said that 70 years ago, the founders of the institution, “Wished to contribute to the reconstruction of the nation, its economy and its institutions,” adding that, “together with other great Mexicans: politicians, artists, engineers, educators, intellectuals, they managed to transform Mexico, our country, in just three decades”.

He said that, “Mexico owes a great deal to that generation,” because “their faith in Mexico and their long-term vision were remarkable”.

He said that, “In the everyday contact with our students, nothing  gives us greater pleasure than seeing the transformative power of education, stimulating the fertility of their intellect and exercise the privilege of cultivating it”.

He stressed that in ITAM students, both present and past, “we have placed all our hopes. Their valuable contributions to the present and future of Mexico for our institution are the greatest source of pride and gratification”.

 He recalled that in 1940, Mexico only had 26,000 higher education students whereas today we have more than 3.5 million. "That generation glimpsed the future and strove to build it,” he said.

He explained that the founders of ITAM, while creating industries, banks and businesses, also took time to think about how to contribute selflessly to higher education in the country.

ITAM, he said, is, “The fruit of great generosity and an admirable vision of hope in education and the future of Mexico”.


During the event, President Enrique Peña Nieto presented a special recognition to Alberto Baillères from ITAM.

He also presented awards from this Institute for administrative employees with 35 or more years of service, teachers with 30 years of service, and the “Race to the Universe” Alumni Award.

The following people received awards from ITAM:

Horacio Antonio Andrade Rodríguez de San Miguel, Magdalena Sofía Barba Fernández, Javier Bonilla García, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, José del Niño Jesús Campero Pardo, Enrique Cárdenas Sánchez, Luz del Carmen Carrillo Careaga, Agustín Guillermo Carstens Carstens, Jaime Castañeda Iturbide, María de los Ángeles Cruz Maldonado, Antonio Jesús Diez Quesada, Rogerio Domenge Muñoz, José Antonio Espinosa Luna, Federico Estevez Estevez, Cecilio Galaviz Álvarez, Rafael Gregorio Gamboa Hirales, Francisco Gil Díaz, Víctor Manuel Guerrero Guzmán, Julieta Irma Guiza Pérez, Agustín Irurita Pérez, Isaac Mario Katz Burstin, Georgina Kessel Martínez, Miguel Mancera Aguayo, José Eduardo Márquez Bernal, Luz María Martínez Sánchez, José Antonio Meade Kuribreña, José Manuel Orozco Garibay, Joaquín Ortega Pérez, José Guillermo Pastor Jiménez, Julio Pérez Sánchez, Alberto Ramos Alarcón Baeza, Benito Revah Mellohas, María Ofelia Rodríguez Durán, María Dolores Rodríguez Franco, José Luis Sánchez Yepez, María Julia Sierra Moncayo, Luz María Silva Ortíz, Raúl Solís Wolfowitz, Ernesto Vega Velasco, Jorge Velázquez Calzada, Martín Máximo Werner Wainfeld, Jaime Enrique Zabludowsky Kuper, and Miguel Zamora Corona.