At the National Palace earlier today, President Enrique Peña Nieto received the credentials of 19 new ambassadors, which marked the start of their official activities as representatives of their nations in Mexico.

As he welcomed them to our country, the president confirmed Mexico’s interest in strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation with their nations.

The new diplomatic representatives resident in Mexico are: Mohammad Azhar Bin Malzan from Malaysia; Jonathan Peled from Israel; Abdualla Ahmed A.A. Al-Kurwari from Qatar; Mohamed Abdel Karim Saadat from Palestine; Andrian Yelemessov from Kazakhstan; Roy Eriksson from Finland; Enio Cordeiro from Brazil; Zurab Eristavi from Georgia; Alena Gazúrová from the Slovak Republic; and Alfredo Salvador Pineda Saca from El Salvador.

President Peña Nieto also received the credentials of: Leonardo Arízaga Schmegel from Ecuador; María Lourdes Urbaneja Durant from Venezuela; Jorge Roza de Oliveira from Portugal; David Graham Engel from Australia; Julio Hernán Garro Galvez from Peru; Alden Rivera Montes from Honduras; Patricia Cardenas Santamaria from Colombia; Eduardo José A. de Vega from the Philippines; and Muktesh Kumar Pardeshi from India.