• There are 6.7 million children in this age group, of whom 5 million attend pre-school. This means that 1.7 million do not receive this level of education, he explained 

• This task will include the children of the beneficiaries of the SEDESOL social programs and the IMSS, ISSSTE, DIF and Armed Forces day care centers and nurseries, he said.

• He congratulated all the children in Mexico on Children’s Day ahead of time; he said that the most important asset a nation has are its children, and they are the greatest treasure of our country.

As part of the Children's Day celebration, President Enrique Peña Nieto today witnessed the signing of an agreement between the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) and the Ministry of Social Development (SEDESOL), in order to “give priority attention to a very important issue: ensuring that we comply with a constitutional mandate, which is that the children of Mexico attend preschool education, he said.

He said that preschool education is important because, “When children are educated from an early age, they undoubtedly develops better skills for subsequently receiving education at other educational levels.

That is where they acquire skills and abilities. This early training is crucial for the future education they receive.”

Therefore, he stressed, “We will focus on this task, on this great objective, so that as parents, you will be able to proudly say: Yes, my children attend preschool.”

The president said that 6.7 million children have this opportunity and should have access to preschool education. Five million attend pre-school, that is, two out of three children, between three and five years old attend preschool, but it also means that 1.7 million do not receive it.

"What we are trying to express through the Agreement being signed by the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Education is a shared, joint effort by the government, which is working as a team to ensure that those 1.7 million children receive pre-school education,” he said.

He said that this task is beginning in the Child Daycare Centers, Nurseries and Special Care Centers run by the Ministry of Social Development, the IMSS, ISSSTE, the Armed Forces, and DIF across the country, where children between three and five can receive preschool education there, on the basis of this educational model that the Ministry of Education on to certify these capabilities.

He noted that the Ministry of Social Development is also working on another front to ensure that all the children of the beneficiaries of the various social programs of this age attend preschool education.

President Peña Nieto said that this will make it possible to achieve the goal of ensuring that the 1.7 million children of preschool age actually receive this level of education, where they are well cared for and protected.

That is the goal, he said, “That's the aim, which is by no means small. It means ensuring that one-third of children of this age receive education, and we can comply with this constitutional mandate: for there to be preschool education for all the children in our country, and for them to receive it.”

Declaring that parents have an ally in all government bodies, “For this task that we are proposing to carry out,” he said that it is a shared task, because achieving this aim requires a sum of efforts, in which there is adequate coordination not only between institutions or public government agencies but also between these two government agencies and local governments.

The president congratulated, “All the children in our country, the boys and girls of Mexico, ahead of the Children’s Day celebration tomorrow. From here, we wish to congratulate them and wish them well. It's your day, we want you to celebrate it, live it intensely and we want all the children in Mexico to have a very promising future full of opportunities.”

He added that Mexico, “Has its greatest treasure in the children of Mexico. The greatest treasure lies in what we can do for them, because tomorrow they will be responsible for the path taken by our country.”

President Peña Nieto said that, “Those of us with public responsibility must ensure that the children of Mexico have better training and better quality education, because that's what will open the doors for them to achieve their goals tomorrow. "This government has been working on this foundation, this crucial foundation.”

"Of all the reforms we have done, the most important one is education reform, because it is focused on giving children in our country the best tools to face the challenges of tomorrow.” He said that the best way to celebrate Children's Day is, “By taking care of them, watching over them and giving them the best guarantees and conditions for them to achieve their goals and dreams tomorrow.”

At the event, held at the Angeluz Daycare Center, President Peña Nieto delivered toys to children in the municipality of San Mateo Atenco as well as a Preschool Education in Daycare Centers affiliated to SEDESOL, to its director Professor María del Carmen Mejía Mercado.


Minister of Public Education Aurelio Nuño Mayer said that the battle for education undertaken by President Enrique Peña Nieto’s government since the beginning of his administration is the most important battle, because it is through education that a profound transformation is achieved in people’s lives.

Education, he said, has the capacity and the potential to transform the lives of individuals, families, communities, municipalities, states and of course the country.

That is why, he declared, with great courage and great clarity, since the third day of his government, President Enrique Peña Nieto began the battle for education. He recalled that on December 1, the president took possession, on December 2, 2012, he signed the Pact for Mexico with the main political forces in the country, and on December 3, he had already presented the Educational Reform, “To begin start this great battle for Mexico, which is the battle for education.”

He explained that precisely because education transforms people’s lives, “And because the president knows that it changes and transforms the life of the country that he decided to launch this great battle and has promoted educational reform whose first major transformation is recovering state control of education.

He also mentioned that the purpose is for the benefits reach everyone with equity and inclusion through measures like the one signed today with the Ministry of Social Development.


José Antonio Meade, Minister of Social Development said SEDESOL will be an ally of the SEP to enable children’s rights to be fully enforced and, as mandated by the Constitution, preschool education will be promoted.

"We will work together with the SEP. We will move the IMSS, we will move the ISSSTE, we will move the DIF, the CENDIS, the Armed Forces; all those responsible for children of preschool age,” he said.

He declared that the ministry he directs will work with the SEP to certify the daycare centers and said that parents know that there, their children will be looked after and fed, and a boost will be given to equivalent early education in order to comply fully with the Constitutional mandate. He added that the SEDESOL daycare centers will be the SEP’s allies in this effort.


Eruviel Ávila, Governor of the State of Mexico, said that the education reform promoted by President Peña Nieto, “Is the best gift you can give children in Mexico, the children of these generations and future generations. Because education reform translates into higher quality, inclusive education that is the same for everyone and in better conditions.”

He thanked José Antonio Meade, Minister of Social Development and Aurelio Nuño Mayer, Minister of Public Education, for their support of the respective programs implemented in that state.


Maria del Carmen Mejia Mercado, Director of "Angeluz" Daycare Center thanked President Enrique Peña Nieto, for the support his government is giving childcare facilities.

“Here, children receive quality care and warmth, with strict respect for human rights and faithfully following the guidelines you have issued, always putting the best interests of the child above everything else.”

Speaking on behalf of those responsible for SEDESOL childcare facilities, she said that “Every day, you work hard, with dedication and above all in the service of the children of Mexico.”

"We do so out of the conviction that the Child Daycare Program benefits Mexican families, convinced that our efforts will bear fruit. Because a prosperous, inclusive Mexico is built on the basis of the smallest ones, on our children.” She said that on Children's Day, “There is no better gift to give them than education and a better future for Mexican children.”