· It is an initiative designed by Juárez residents for the toll revenue charged on the four international bridges in the state to be used to promote the city’s development.

· The president also announced the redesign of strategic fiscalized areas; new rules have been set to ensure that they effectively serve to promote the development of industry in Ciudad Juárez and Chihuahua.

Earlier today, President Enrique Peña Nieto announced the Ciudad Juárez Fund, an initiative designed by Juárez residents for the toll revenue charged on the four international bridges in the state to be used to promote the city’s development.

He said that the Ciudad Juárez Fund has an initial capital of 1.600 billion pesos.

The president stressed that the Fund will not be assigned to, “Endless works without a specific purpose” but to projects that promote the development of Ciudad Juárez and are defined “with the participation of the two orders of government, federal and state, but above all, Juárez society.”

He said that the Juárez Fund Projects should enable it to become, “A much more competitive city, raise its productivity, and make it a great trigger for the development and welfare of families living in Ciudad Juárez.”

He said that this effort will include civil society, as it already does in different ways.

He declared that the Ciudad Juárez Fund, “Must become a great pilot that will be distinguished by concrete benefits that foster development in this border city and everything that provides well-being for its society.”

President Peña Nieto also announced the redesign of strategic fiscalized areas, published today in the Official Gazette, whereby, “New rules are established on the basis of on the recommendations made by entrepreneurs in the state to ensure that these areas actually serve to promote the development of industry in Ciudad Juárez and Chihuahua.”

He explained that this redesign will encourage more companies to operate or be established in these areas and enjoy tax benefits to boost the export of products and goods, develop talent, and most importantly: create new, better paid jobs.

He added that as a result, these areas will help to, “Increase competitiveness, the ability to compete better against other countries, which will give the population the opportunity to have better incomes.”

In the event, the president thanked Juárez society for its bravery “in adversity and at difficult times.” This, he continued, “is simply to show the character, strength and determination of a society that believes it can and is proving that it is possible to build a better future.”

He added that Juárez society is showing that, “It is possible to change the face and image, marked particularly by the lack of law and order, and through perseverance, rapidly turn it into a city that is changing that face and now wants  to show Mexico and the world how much it has and everything that contributes to the development of its state and the country.”

 “I would like to pay tribute to the people of Juárez and their society, who are determined to build a better city. My greatest appreciation and congratulations to all of them and to this great society,” he declared.

The president pledged that the government will review the various requests and approaches submitted by the citizens of Ciudad Juárez society to hasten their city’s development.


Secretary of Finance and Public Credit Luis Videgaray Caso said today that a proposal submitted by the people of Juárez to the federal government for many years has finally been accepted: for the revenue from the international bridges to be assigned to Ciudad Juárez.

He said that this proposal was submitted to the consideration of the president, who, in a daring public policy and innovation bid, instructed that within a period not exceeding one year,  “We should transfer the funds as a contribution from the government to Ciudad Juárez. Today this has become a reality and it is what the president has announced today.”

He said that revenue from the Zaragoza-Ysleta, Paso del Norte-El Paso, Lerdo-Stanton international bridges and the Guadalupe-Tornillo bridge inaugurated today will be assets for this city as of today.

He declared that the president established three fundamental principles with which the spending of funds must comply. First: They must be investments that increase competitiveness and have an impact on the city’s assets. ”In other words, they must not merely be a public spending vehicle. Here, the revenue obtained from the fund must be multiplied and coinvested with the private sector and with other resources from public sources,” he said.

Second: ”The destination of these funds must be determined in conjunction with Juárez society; this is not only a government vehicle, it is a vehicle for civil society.”

And third. “The Juárez Fund must be a model of transparency, it must operate from beginning to end with the full knowledge of the whole of Juárez society: what is happening, what decisions are being made and how decisions are being made,” he said.


Governor of Chihuahua César Duarte Jáquez said that the Ciudad Juárez Fund is an additional tool to the three levels of government, a tool that can enhance the capacities of public and private investment and strategic infrastructure needs in order to increase development.

He said that Ciudad Juárez is back on its feet thanks to the support of President Peña Nieto and, “Today, it receives incentives through investments that will give it a greater ability to compete not only with other regions of our country, but worldwide.”


Alejandra de la Vega Arizpe, an entrepreneur from the De la Vega Group, told President Enrique Peña Nieto that Ciudad Juárez, “Proved resilient to adversity. It is a city which, from the heart of suffering, drew inspiration and strength, and is a border with a spirit of tireless struggle and incessant compassion.”

”When we faced evil in its purest form, society and government worked together to end this attack on our peace,” she added.

Arizpe De la Vega said that, “Cooperation between a government willing to act and a society willing to participate was what brought us out of this terrible wave of violence.”

She stressed that this is not a “time for indulgence and tranquility; it is time to dare and strive. Just as we were ready to fight for this city, we are now prepared to work to lead it towards the progress we seek: a city that offers all its inhabitants a decent quality of life.”

In the presence of President Enrique Peña Nieto, she declared: ”We understand that the peace and tranquility we have achieved together are vulnerable, so we are counting on your leadership to advance to the next stage of economic and social development, with immediate investments to reduce the risk of relapse of social problems that will lead us to the causes of insecurity, which we have already identified.