·  PEMEX and CFE are ready for this.

· In 2015, the CFE decreased the use of fuel oil by 48 per cent.

· The president inaugurated the IUSASOL Solar Panel Factory and the Don Alejo Photovoltaic Power Plant.

During his inauguration of the IUSASOL Solar Panel Factory and the Don Alejo Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant in this city, President Enrique Peña Nieto said that through energy reform, Mexico will ensure that the electricity supply for households, trade and the domestic industry are better quality, more efficient and, above all, cheaper. Moreover, its production will be cleaner, which will benefit the environment.

He said that, “This is how Mexico is advancing,” adding that the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) and Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), the state’s two productive industries, “are rapidly preparing to venture into the generation of fast, productive, clean, more efficient energy, which above all, will benefit the economy of Mexican families.”

He congratulated the CFE, “because precisely in keeping with this principle of producing cleaner energy,” it decreased the use of fuel oil by 48%. It stopped using this essential input for generating electricity and replaced it with other cleaner ones, reducing polluting carbon emissions by almost 45 percent.”

“Besides,” he added,  “Energy Reform has promoted these two major projects inaugurated today, which will allow this model to be replicated in other parts of the country and create clean energy and join the electricity market, in which the Federal Electricity Commission will participate.”

He declared that those who will benefit from this are Mexican households, “because the energy supplied to industry, trade and Mexican families will be cheaper, have a lower cost, and be more economical for those that consume it.”

President Enrique Peña Nieto said that after Congress approves the Law on Energy Transition, the goals set so that Mexico evolves towards generating cleaner energy will allow our country to stand out in the world as a nation that respects the environment and promotes clean energy generation.

This goal is designed to ensure that by 2018, 25 percent of power will be generated from clean energies and 30 percent by the 2021.

The president congratulated the businessmen and entrepreneurs, “Who have bet on Mexico, who believe in Mexico, invest in Mexico and have faith and confidence in Mexico, despite the difficult scenarios and sometimes adverse moments our country has had to face, which it is now coping with in the current global scenario.”

He said that they could easily take their investment and resources elsewhere yet they have decided to invest in Mexico, and bet on the fact that Mexico will have a promising future.

He said that today’s world is, “A volatile world, a world where there is distrust, uncertainty. And this is creating this enormous volatility we are experiencing in the financial field.”

He explained that discussion has focused on one of the aspects of Energy Reform, which is precisely the hydrocarbon sector and oil, and how today PEMEX, the company that belongs to all Mexicans, is now a productive state enterprise that must compete with other companies investing in this sector to extract hydrocarbons and trigger investment and employment and ensure that this resource yields greater profits and enhances the development of our country.

He explained that, “This condition or boost could not only have taken place in the government; otherwise we would have had to resort, especially in view of today’s oil prices, to the levels of debt that existed in the past, and we know what happened then.”

Therefore, he said, “What Energy Reform now proposes in the hydrocarbon sector is to encourage, private sector participation and ensure that PEMEX remains a larger, more efficient, transparent, productive business that also competes with other private sector companies. This will benefit Mexican society and the potential Mexico will project to the whole world.”


Governor of the State of Mexico Eruviel Ávila Villegas said that the IUSASOL Solar Panel Factory and the Don Alejo Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant are the result of Energy Reform, promoted by the president to create clean energies. “Energy Reform is beginning to be seen. Its results can be seen here, which tells us we are on the right track.”

“Sweeping reforms are a reality and we can already appreciate their benefits,” he said.


Executive Chairman and CEO of Grupo IUSA Carlos Peralta Quintero said that since the start of his administration, President Enrique Pena Nieto pledged to promote an Energy Reform initiative that "”Would free up a key sector for the development of the country and debunk the myths that for decades maintained an outdated legal framework that inhibited development, reduced technological innovation and prevented investment in the sector.”

He added that, “Today, thanks to the president’s visionary and daring Energy Reform, we inaugurated the IUSASOL Solar Panels Factory and the first stage of the Don Alejo Photovoltaic Power Plant.”

He explained that on its completion, the Solar Plant will be the largest in Latin America and represent an investment of $800 million USD. He added that these investments are proof of the confidence public policies have given the private, domestic and foreign sector.

Carlos Peralta also thanked the president for the fact that Energy Reform is already underway and its effects are beginning to be felt in every sector of society with encouraging results for the national productive sector and the economy of Mexican families.

He said that the projects inaugurated today are the result of the adoption of a responsible, long-term vision for effectively addressing climate change. He repeated his commitment to continue investing in the expansion and modernization of the national electricity infrastructure, because “the transformation of country needs enough quality, renewable power at better prices to support economic growth and raise the quality of life of millions of our fellow countrymen.”