· There are several extremely positive changes taking place in our country today, he said.

· We must take advantage of the situation and the opportunities derived from it to progress toward achieving the goals and objectives we have set, he said.

As he closed the 27th Meeting of Ambassadors and Consuls, President Enrique Peña Nieto, said today that, “Mexico is increasingly recognized as a bold nation that has had the determination, will, and above all, the ability to renew and transform itself.”

At the National Palace, the president stressed that, “The world knows that we obviously do not lack challenges, but it has also seen that we are dealing with them with vision and determination, and we should feel proud.”

· There are several extremely positive changes taking place in our country today, he said. We are succeeding, despite the complex, turbulent, volatile and uncertain international scenario, which has been possible because we have clarity of direction and strong institutions which today, incidentally, have contributed an important part of the confidence they should inspire in society, which we want to confirm in society’s eyes; strong institutions and a society determined to create a successful future,” he said.

He declared that In the government, “We fully assume our responsibilities. We will continue breaking down barriers, removing obstacles and overcoming inertia, so that our country and Mexicans achieve their full potential.”

· We must take advantage of the situation and the opportunities derived from it to progress toward achieving the goals and objectives we have set. Through joint efforts, Mexicans will continue showing the world that we are a nation with vision, initiative and projects for the future,” he declared.

During the event, President Peña Nieto gave a summary of the achievements of the first three years of the administration, and defined the goals of what is expected in the next three years.

He said that during the first three years of this administration, “The government has devoted itself to removing obstacles and eliminating the barriers that hindered the development of our country. In this direction, we have defined and are now in the process of undertaking 13 sweeping reforms, major infrastructure projects are being developed, and we are also implementing innovative public policies, designed, of course, to make the government more efficient in its everyday work, especially in the service it provides to Mexican society.”

He said that these three elements: reforms, infrastructure and public policy, “Constitute a new platform to enable Mexico to takeoff and achieve better conditions.”

"With determination, energy and clarity of direction, we are advancing each of the five major national goals we set from the beginning of this administration,” he explained.

The first of these, said the president, is “To achieve a Mexico at peace, a Mexico with greater tranquility, which we are achieving.”

He recalled that during the first 11 months of 2015 compared with the same period in 2012, “The overall crime rate dropped by 12 percent, the number of intentional homicides fell by 22 percent, theft on highways declined by more than 24 percent, kidnapping dropped by 27 percent and extortion by 30 per cent.”

And today, he said, “With the arrests of the most wanted criminals, of the 122 main target we had clearly identified at the beginning of this administration, 98 no longer pose a threat to Mexican society.”

The president said the government’s second major goal is to build an Inclusive Mexico, "And we are also advancing firmly towards this goal: during this administration, we have launched new strategies and social programs, such as the National Crusade against Hunger and Life Insurance for Female Heads of Household, to reduce poverty and inequality.”

“We have improved or expanded the benefits of what was previously the Oportunidades Program and replaced it with a new one, with new name: the Prospera Program, which significantly extends the coverage of the Popular Insurance scheme and also provides new benefits for those in the target universe of this program,” he added.

Regarding the third goal of achieving Quality Education in Mexico, President Peña Nieto said that culture is central to this administration. “Proof of this is the fact that we have proposed, and Congress has approved the creation of the Ministry of Culture,” he said.

He said that within the educational sphere, “This year, we will give special priority to the 100 Per Cent Schools Program, which will involve the renovation and rehabilitation of the educational infrastructure of our country.”

“We want schools to be decent, attractive places for all those who are taught there. They cannot be places where there are no public restrooms, or that lack the necessary elements to receive an education,” he said.

As the fourth goal, the president declared, “We intend to achieve a Prosperous Mexico, and we are fulfilling our promise.”

He said that, “The indicators speak for themselves: in these three years, 1,892,00 formal jobs have been created. This is the highest number of jobs created in our country in the same period, the first three years of an administration, compared with any other, particularly the past five administrations.”

Moreover, in 2015, inflation was the lowest on record in our country since it began to be measured in 1970 45 years ago. The inflation rate, released by INEGI yesterday, was 2.13 percent in 2015, the lowest of any year since it began to be measured in our country, which will benefit the economy of Mexican families,” he said.

He said that, “Foreign direct investment has been increasing from January 2013 to September 2015. Mexico captured $92 billion USD in Foreign Direct Investment, 21 percent more than during the same period in the previous administration, and 38 percent more than in the administration before that.”

The president explained that the fifth national goal is to make Mexico an actor with global responsibility. “During the first half of this administration, Mexico’s image has been positively projected, and the world’s perception of our country has also changed substantially in a very positive way,” he said.

He said that, “Very few nations, perhaps none as much as Mexico, have made so many sweeping changes and in so many areas, such as those Mexico has achieved in just three years.”

“There has also been a significant change In foreign policy. And also towards the different regions of the world. To continue advancing this renewed foreign policy, we will focus on five major areas of work for the coming years”:

FIRST: Consolidate our strategic partnership with all the world’s economic centers.

SECOND: Within the framework of hemispheric and multilateral institutions, we will promote democracy and respect for human rights.

THIRD: As a country of origin, transit and destination of migrants, we will address the migratory phenomenon in a comprehensive manner, with full respect for people’s fundamental rights.

FOURTH: We will take advantage of the opportunities offered by new trading platforms to deepen regional high-level political dialogues.

FIFTH: In the multilateral sphere, we will promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.


Minister of Foreign Affairs Claudia Ruiz Massieu said that, "Mexico has a clear path, it is a country in transformation and has great leadership.”

She said that in Mexico’s ambassadors and consuls, of Mexico, our country has a Foreign Service that is, “Motivated and full of energy, ready to resume its responsibilities with renewed commitment and greater enthusiasm.”

Mexico, she declared, “Has a clear path. It is a country in transformation and has great leadership. It has a promising future that is built every day with the contribution of the men and women who are here.”

Therefore, she said, “We are ready to take your vision of a great, successful Mexico, with leadership qualities, all over the world. The vision you inspire us to convey.”