determining force for achieving a Mexico at peace.”

·        To this end, each of the police forces at the federal, state and municipal levels must meet the responsibilities with which it has been tasked, he declared.

·        In all areas we must have efficient, professional and above all reliable police, he said.

·        The Federal Police Force has been consolidated as a modern, effective security institution, with a high degree of social commitment, he stated.

·        We are halfway through this Administration, and although today we have made significant progress in various fields, including security, much remains to be done, he noted.

·        He presented awards to outstanding members of the Federal Police.

·        He announced housing loans and educational grants for their children, for the best police in Mexico, the Federal Police, he said.

Earlier today, President Enrique Peña Nieto presented awards, diplomas, certificates, and honorable mentions to outstanding members of the Federal Police, in a ceremony in which he urged them to, “Redouble their efforts to further reduce the incidence of crime and build a safer, calmer Mexico.”

To this end, he declared that, “Each of the police forces at the federal, state and municipal levels must meet the responsibilities with which it has been tasked. In all areas, he added, we must have efficient, professional and above all reliable police.”

“We are halfway through this Administration, and although we have made significant progress today in various fields, including security, much remains to be done,” he said.

The president urged members of the Federal Police to continue doing their duty, by helping to build the Mexico at peace we all long for. “Take pride in being part of this institution, which gains prestige through the performance of each of its members for the benefit of Mexican families’ safety,” he added.

At the event, the President said that this ceremony is a tribute to the firm discipline, the courage of their actions, and the unwavering commitment of the members of the Federal Police to the security of Mexican families.

He noted that the everyday work of the women and men in this police force has visible results. “Mexican society directly perceives your support, hence the importance of your lofty task of protecting and serving the community,” he said.

He recalled that the activities of the federal police, “Are reflected in the tourist areas that now have peaceful, reliable roads and highways for traveling, strategic facilities that are well protected today, and safer states and cities.”

The president declared that when the Federal Police, “Joins forces with the Mexican Army and Navy, the Attorney General’s Office, CISEN and the authorities of each state, it is a determining force for achieving a Mexico at peace.”

He stressed that one of the lines of action that the government has promoted is, “To achieve coordinated work by the various Mexican State institutions to attain the Mexico of peace and tranquility we want for all of Mexican society.”

He congratulated them on, “The level of full and effective coordination between this institution and the others, particularly with our country’s armed forces. I congratulate you on this significant achievement.”

The president said that the Federal Police Force has been consolidated as a modern, effective security institution, with a high degree of social commitment.” He added: during his visits to various states where the Federal Police have been deployed, “As in the case of Michoacán, Tamaulipas and Guerrero, society has repeatedly requested that its elements continue providing security, tranquility and confidence to their communities. Mexican families wish you and your colleagues to stay with them, protecting their lives, their safety and their assets.”

President Peña Nieto said that through the presentation today of 1,520 promotion certificates, 1,734 financial incentives and 2,758 awards, diplomas and academic distinctions, “We extol the courage, perseverance and determination that characterize the Federal Police elements.”

He said that today, in particular, tribute was paid to those who have fallen in the line of duty. “No-one knows better than you the risks and challenges faced when the mission is to ensure the population’s safety,” he said.

He also expressed thanked NCO Iván Morales Corrales, “Who managed to survive an operation in which he unfortunately, suffered burns and was injured. He almost lost his life. But the inspiration of his family and the birth of his son shortly afterwards undoubtedly enabled him to continue being, like all of you, a member of this prestigious institution.

The president of Mexico declared that the government is therefore committed to the federal police, “By providing the necessary training, equipment and facilities for the effective fulfillment of their duties.”

He declared that during this administration, “We are supporting our Federal Police to consolidate their assets and provide stability for their families. Among the actions the government has undertaken to support families in the task with which they have been entrusted, but above all to ensure that they have decent, decorous living conditions, the National Housing Program  for Public Security Elements was launched in 2013, which to date has already authorized approximately 10,000 dwellings for you and your families.”

He also expressed his commitment to, “Expanding this national program as much as necessary to ensure that every element of the Federal Police, who meets the requirements,  can acquire his own dwelling.

President Peña Nieto said: "I am convinced that the efforts you make as police is also inspired by enabling your children to have better opportunities and to go as far as they propose. I have therefore instructed the Minister of the Interior, particularly the Minister of Public Education and the National Commissioner of Security to launch a scholarship program for the children of federal police, so they can attend middle or high school or university.”

Along with this indication, he continued, it is important for the children of the deceased federal police to also receive the benefit of grants to enable them to study.

“The housing loans and education grants for their children are designed to reward the best police in Mexico, the Federal Police,” he said.


National Security Commissioner Renato Sales Heredia explained that, “This event is part of the commitment to consolidating a democratic rule of law, a nation of laws and institutions where people exercise their freedoms, live in harmony and develop fully.”

“This is the ultimate objective of the Federal Police: to work so that laws and institutions are the structure upon which democracy and the welfare of society develop,” he added.

After stating that, “Citizens are at the center of the Government’s Security Strategy,” he mentioned that the reason for the existence of the police force, “Is precisely to protect and safeguard the rights and freedoms of citizens.”

He noted that in order to strengthen the police force, during this administration, efforts have focused on three axes. First: work more closely to build citizens’ trust. Second: Advance the “Professionalization and dignification of members of the Federal Police Force, because its most important asset is its people.”

And third. “We are preparing to accompany the great transformations of our country, which is why we are training for the new Criminal Justice System, because it involves the development of specific functions within the framework of criminal proceedings.”

Sales Heredia said that the Federal Police is the best civil security force with the highest levels of trust in our country. On behalf of the National Security Commission of the Federal Police, he repeated his commitment, “To serve Mexico with you, to build the Mexico in peace we all want.”


General Commissioner of the Federal Police Enrique Galindo Ceballos said that federal policemen and women, “Have never stopped believing in the rule of law or absolute respect for human rights.”

“We have never failed to acknowledge, as brothers in this same effort, the members of the Mexican Army and Navy. To each and all of them, I express my gratitude and appreciation for the timely show of unconditional support for the Federal Police,” he added.

He thanked the president, “On behalf of the nearly 41,000 members of the Federal Police for their trust, support and encouragement to enable this Mexican institution to continue to fulfill its duty of serving and protecting the community,” as well as their commitment to respecting and protecting Mexicans’ human rights; defending citizens with ethics and professionalism against crime; and strictly adhering to the principles of honesty, loyalty, courage, professionalism and dedication.

He noted that today, recognition was given to over seven thousand men and women who, “Sacrificed family time, ignored fatigue, did not allow themselves to be overcome by frustration or discouragement and instead opted to improve their personal and police skills. We were convinced that it's worth giving more for our institution, Mexico and citizens,” he said.

Thanks to President Enrique Pena Nieto’s support, THE FEDERAL POLICE IS A RELIABLE, internationally recognized institution: COMISARIA ARACELI RODRÍGUEZ

On behalf of the Federal Police winners, Commissioner Araceli Rodríguez Navarro, State Coordinator of the Federal Police in the state of Quintana Roo, said that belonging to this institution is, “An honor, a very special distinction that entails great responsibility. We have an obligation to behave impeccably and adhere to the higher values governing police behavior.”

She thanked the president, “For his enormous support for the Federal Police to enable it to become a reliable, internationally recognized institution,“ and for offering its members a life project, an opportunity for personal and professional growth, better social and job benefits and the possibility of obtaining decent housing for their families. These actions, she said, dignify police work.

“This is a reason to continue with greater force, serving our country,”  she concluded.