He pledged to continuing advancing towards the achievement of the nation’s major goals.

He explained that halfway through an administration is not the time to start from scratch or improvise.

He acknowledged society’s concern over new and old problems,

adding that there is frustration, pessimism, disillusionment and social unrest in almost every continent, and that the world has yet to overcome the economic and social effects derived from the severe financial crisis of 2008.

The president warned that, “In this climate of uncertainty, the risk is that in their search for quick solutions, societies will opt for false solutions.”

“I mean the risk of believing that intolerance, demagoguery and populism are real solutions,” he stressed.

He said that, “There are examples in history where feelings of dissatisfaction after global economic crises facilitated the emergence of doctrines contrary to tolerance and human rights.”

He explained that, “During those episodes, social dissatisfaction was such that it clouded the mind, displaced reason and citizens themselves, allowing the rise of governments that offered supposedly magical solutions.”

He pointed out that, “Where intolerance, demagoguery and populism take precedence, nations, far from achieving the desired change, encounter division or regression.”

The President Peña Nieto said that, “Positive and lasting changes in any society are achieved through responsibility, institutionality, economic stability, respect for others and a willingness to build on what has already been achieved.”

He declared that, “Since 2012, when Mexico voted for a project involving change with direction, an underlying change through institutions,” his responsibility has been, “To advance without dividing; reform without excluding and transform without destroying.”

He said that this is precisely what Mexicans have done as a country over the past three years: "Address decades-old lags, overcome resistance and inertia and transform institutions.”

After announcing the government’s main achievements, he declared: “Today I can inform the Nation that we are complying with the project to achieve change in the direction to which I am committed.”

He stressed that, “It is an elementary principle of democratic accountability to persevere with the national project for which Mexicans voted.”

In this regard, he reiterated its ethical commitment to the Nation: "We will continue along this path, which is difficult and complex, but the only one that will allow us to provide development for our people and for the Mexico we love so much.”

He said that, “Mexico is already shaping up as one of the world’s ten largest economies,” and that out country, “Is destined to become one of the most prosperous nations with the greatest prosperity for its people and an inspiration to the world.”

The president concluded by saying, “As President, I am determined to use all my passion, dedication and commitment to make this happen. It is with this conviction that we begin the second half of this administration, with a great deal of enthusiasm and greater strength.”