After participating in the 5th edition of the Molino del Rey Race, organized by the Presidential General Staff, President Enrique Peña Nieto stressed the importance of using sport to combat the diseases present in the country.

“We have launched many campaigns to promote sports and combat obesity, which is certainly one of the great evils and diseases that afflict our country, which we need to eliminate. This can only be achieved through habit and greater coverage of the practice of sports or some form of exercise, which is something we must instill,” he said.

He added that, “Today we need to create more awareness of taking better care of ourselves, and of being healthy by combating obesity and eating healthily.”

He said that this sporting event, “Is a wonderful place to socialize, and above all, to engage in this sport that many of us like, which is running long or short distances but in the end it gives us the opportunity to do exercise.”

The president said he was glad to have participated in this race, in which he ran 10 kilometers in 50 minutes and 48 seconds.


In an interview with the media, President Peña Nieto said that society must realize that there are many positive things in the country, such as higher employment levels: “Only yesterday, the INEGI reported that the unemployment rate is lower. This means that today there are more people with jobs and fewer people who are unemployed.”

“The increase in employment remains constant, the figures are good; there are more opportunities and inflation is lower,” he added. “Our economic dynamism is greater, there are more jobs,” he said.

He noted that in the international environment where the US dollar is posting gains against other currencies, “Mexico is one of the countries that has coped best with this.”

He said that structural reforms are advancing and, “Creating more and more benefits.”

The president congratulated all the participants in the Molino del Rey Race, and the presidential on his wonderful organization. He said that the Presidential General Staff is an important institution, “That guarantees the Mexican state and our institutions.”

After presenting awards to those who came first in the different categories of the competition, President Peña Nieto said to those who participated: “Each of you, in your workspace, sphere of action and performance can rest assured that you are contributing to our country’s development.”

“This is like the cogs of a machine. Each part counts; each one does what is important to attain our goal as a society, to achieve a better nation,” he added.

The president presented an award to General Roberto Miranda Moreno, Chief of the Presidential Staff for the wonderful organization of the 5th Molino del Rey Race. He thanked him for giving him the opportunity to participate in the race.

At the end, he presented awards and medals to public servants who participated in this year’s Molino del Rey Race: Health Secretary Mercedes Juan López; Legal Adviser to the President Humberto Castillejos; Chief of the President’s Office Aurelio Nuño Mayer; Private Secretary to the President Erwin Lino Zárate; General Coordinator of Social Communication of the President’s Office and Government Spokesperson Eduardo Sánchez Hernández; Advisors’ Coordinator Francisco Guzman Ortiz; Head of the Office of the Directorate General of ISSSTE Luis Antonio Godina Herrera; General Coordinator of the President’s Office Andrés Fernández Massieu and Private Secretary to the President Teresa Morales.

He also presented awards to those invited to the race: Hector Slim Seade, Director General of Telmex; Humberto Morgan, Head of the Borough of Miguel Hidalgo; as well as former heads of the Presidential General Staff Arturo Cardona Marino, Roberto Miranda Sánchez and Jesús Javier Castillo Cabrera.