In November 2012, Labor Reform established the basis for a more dynamic, flexible and inclusive labor market. It was the first of six reforms in economic matters designed to increase productivity and competitiveness, essential elements for the creation of well-paid, quality jobs.

Over the course of five years, the government has worked to establish the conditions that will enable allow employers to create the jobs Mexican families require.

More formal employment

  • In five years, over 3. 460 million jobs have been created. This figure exceeds that achieved in any entire administration.
  • Two out of five jobs have been filled by young people ages 20 to 34.
  • From December

More economic growth

  • For the first time in the last four administrations, there has been positive annualized growth in every year and quarter.
  • During the first semester of 2010, GDP grew at an annual rate of 5.9% in real terms.
  • In December of 2017 the Minimum Wage rose from 80.04 to 88.36 pesos, the highest recovery of the minimum wage in nearly half a century.
  • The Real Minimum Wage will have increased by 20.3% during this Administration.

Greater financial inclusion

  • 12.7 million more people have access to financial services.
  • During this administration, 11 new banks have begun operating.