“This model is the result of the jointly responsible work of many people and institutions: academics, experts, civil organizations, authorities and above all, teachers, students and parents.

For the 2018-2019 School Year:

1. The New Education Model, which will teach children and young people to Learn to Learn, will be launched.

2. New free textbooks for children across the country will be published and distributed.

3. The 100 Per Cent Schools Program will renovate over 33,000 schools so that  over 6 million students can study in safe spaces.

4. Teacher training and evaluation will continue.

5. Teacher training colleges will begin to train English teachers.

The New Education Model will be the Education System for the future:

The 21st century school will be a space where the new generations “will learn to learn” throughout their lives. They will learn to think, discern and meet the challenges of their surroundings.

Schools will be places that promote interactive education, with in-class and virtual teaching schemes. Critical thinking will replace memorization, enhancing creativity, research and personalized learning.

Students  will be people who know what is going on in the world, not only in their immediate environment. They will be free, responsible and committed individuals, citizens of Mexico and the world, in solidarity with their community and mankind.

Teachers will have fully assumed their role as transformers of society. They will have values, skills and motivation, but above all, the social recognition their noble work deserves.