President Enrique Peña Nieto led the 28th Meeting with Mexican Ambassadors and Consuls, noting that in the new stage of bilateral relations with the United States,

"At no time will we accept anything beneath our dignity as a nation, or as Mexicans.

“Basic principles such as our sovereignty, national interest and protection of our citizens are non-negotiable,” he said.

The president stated that for Mexico, any negotiations with the United States should include the following objectives:

1. "The United States must make a commitment to work in a jointly responsible way to stop illegal arms trafficking from the US to Mexico, and curb the flow of illicit money received by criminal organizations in our country. We must ensure that any repatriation of undocumented persons continues in an orderly and coordinated manner, ensuring humane treatment and respect for the rights of Mexican migrants”.

2. "Both countries have a shared responsibility for the increasing flow of undocumented aliens crossing Mexican territory in their attempt to reach the United States. This creates migratory pressures for our northern neighbor, and challenges for Mexico, as borne out by the presence of about 4,500 Haitian migrants in this country,” he said.

3. “Mexico will seek to increase investment in infrastructure and technology to make our borders more secure, modern and efficient. This will further facilitate bilateral trade and reduce waiting times at border crossings”.

4. “And in particular: we must maintain the free flow of remittances from our fellow countrymen in the United States, which totaled more than $24 billion USD by November of last year. These resources determine the livelihoods of millions of Mexican families, especially low-income ones”.

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

  • Agreements will be sought that will provide certainty for investment and trade between Mexico, Canada and the United States, and this certainty must extent to companies that have chosen Mexico as an investment and production destination and export platform.
  • In this area, “There must be clear rules to ensure the continued flow of capital in the region.
  • Agreements must be reached to protect existing jobs, create new jobs and improve wages.

“Mexico rejects any attempt to influence companies’ investment decisions through fear or threats.

We will defend domestic and foreign investment in Mexico. We will ensure that Mexico remains a reliable, attractive investment destination”. EPN

  • The government will work to continue the system of free trade and productive integration among the three countries in the region and to strengthen the competitiveness of North America, with full respect for international trade rules”.
  • The trade framework will be modernized to include new sectors such as telecommunications, energy and e-commerce.
  • Negotiations will be conducted with confidence in our strengths and practicality, always promoting the interests of Mexico and Mexicans.

“The complementarity of production processes between the three countries comprising the NAFTA region is one of our greatest strengths”. EPN

Bilateral relations with the United States

  • Mexico will not pay for the construction of a wall.
  • In the new stage of bilateral relations with the US,  open and comprehensive negotiation will be promoted.
  • All the issues defining bilateral relations are on the table, including security, migration and trade.
  • We will work to have a good relationship with the United States and its president, a relationship that is good for Mexico and good for Mexicans.

Other regions

“In North America, as in the rest of the world, Mexico has the strong, clear, experienced voice of our ambassadors, consuls and members of our Foreign Service.
In addition to being North Americans, “We are a proud nation closely linked to Latin America and the Caribbean”. EPN

  • “In the region, especially in Central America, we will strengthen our presence as a proactive player on issues of common interest such as development, economic integration, migration and security.
  • Mexico will deepen ties with countries with which it had not had optimal rapprochement for which there are now opportunities, such as Argentina and Brazil.
  • Concrete achievements will continue to be constructed with the Pacific Alliance countries.
  • Special attention will be provided to Europe, “A continent where we are valued as a reliable partner and ally in a broad agenda of issues, and we will give priority to updating the Mexico-European Union Free Trade Agreement.

Asia-Pacific Region

  • This is the most dynamic economic region in the world, a central point for the strategy of economic and political diversification. 
  • It is home to six G-20 countries and five out of Mexico’s ten major trading partners: China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan.
  • The government will work to further diversify and strengthen the country’s integration with that part of the world. 
  • In the Middle East, after President Peña Nieto’s historic visit to the Arabian Peninsula in 2016, the cooperation agreements and commercial contracts signed will be implemented to attract investment from the sovereign funds of those countries, and enable Mexican companies to access markets in the region.
  • At the multilateral level, Mexico will leverage opportunities to strengthen global governance.

“We will defend domestic and foreign investment in Mexico. We will ensure that Mexico remains a reliable, attractive investment destination”: EPN