President Enrique Peña Nieto, led the ceremony to commemorate World Health Day 2016 for the prevention and control of diabetes. This year efforts will be made to raise awareness of this silent disease.

In Mexico, incidence is particularly high: 33% of children and 70% of adults are overweight or obese, major risk factors associated with this condition.

“Having good health is essential for the full development of human capacities. One of the government’s key commitments is therefore to ensure that Mexicans enjoy the constitutional right to health protection in their everyday lives.” 

Today, Mexico is a healthier  nation with a greater life expectancy, thanks to scientific advances, but above all, the hard work of every Mexican and the work of over 500,000 doctors and nurses.

Universalization of Health Services

The signing of the National Agreement for the Universalization of Health Services creates a framework for cooperation, which will gradually lead the country to universalization and health care portability.

This is the first step for patients to have access to the medical services required, regardless of the health or social security institution to which they belong. 

The National Agreement creates a new form of coordination between the Ministry of Health, federal social security institutions and state health service providers, with a cross-cutting, human rights approach.

To this end, specific cooperation agreements will be signed, in order to achieve better use of hospital infrastructure, the orderly use of financial resources and optimal performance of human capital. 

“We must ensure that all Mexicans have effective access to quality health care, we must universalize health services.  To achieve this goal, we must make more efficient use of available human and material resources.” 

In the initial stage of the National Agreement, federal health service providers agreed 14 interventions such as MRIs or intensive care for newborns, children and adults, who may be treated by any institution in the sector.  

Baja California Sur, Mexico State and the State of Oaxaca are the first three states to join the National Agreement towards the universalization of Health Services.

“In this administration, we are working on a daily basis to improve the quality of life for Mexican families, beginning with their health. We realize that as a society, we are experiencing complex, new public health challenges. This is how we understand it and how we will cope with it.” 

Air Pollution

Over the past few days, the Valley of Mexico has registered high levels of air pollution. 

“I wish to publicly thank the authorities that make up the Environmental Commission of the Megalopolis, for making the difficult but necessary decisions, within the scope of their responsibility.

“They are no doubt measures that modify the normal activities of millions of people and inevitably generate discomfort; although they are determinations that promote a greater good: the health of more than 20 million people, especially our children and senior citizens.”

 “I am confident that the Environmental Commission of the Megalopolis will continue to adopt responsible measures to protect the health of the inhabitants of the Valley of Mexico and, above all, to ensure adequate air quality in this region.”