Mexico is promoting a bold transition to cleaner, renewable sources, “It is possible to achieve a new climate regime without slowing economic and social development,” declared the Mexican president.

At the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre and in the presence of United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, and the presidents of Iceland, Kosovo, Nigeria, Palau, Serbia and Morocco, among others, President Peña Nieto declared that, “Mexico is committed to the environment; we are determined to move towards cleaner fuels and adopt renewable energies.”

Actions by Mexico:

- Mexico has assigned the largest amount of financial resources in its history to the area of research and the technological development of renewable energies.

- Over the past three years, $150 million USD have been invested in the creation of Mexican Energy Innovation Centers.

- From 2012 to 2015, Mexico managed to reduce the use of fuel oil in electricity generation by 48 percent.

- Mexico recently reformed its regulatory framework, setting a target to ensure that by 2024, the electricity system will operate with at least 35 percent of clean energy and of 50 percent by 2050. This proportion is currently 21 percent.

- Significant actions have been taken as regards energy efficiency, such as replacing light bulbs and household appliances for families, and granting ecocredits for small and medium enterprises to renew their lighting , refrigeration or air conditioning equipment.

- Energy sustainability is being promoted in our cities through the sustainable use of energy in street lighting, water pumping and buildings.

- At Cop21, Mexico adopted the joint declaration of the Mission Innovation initiative, pledging to double its investment in clean energy and research over a period of five years.

- As a result of Energy Reform,  a model was adopted based on the sustainable use of energy , including the creation of new markets linking talent, natural resources and investment. This model hinges on the creation of an innovation ecosystem through incentives for investment in technological development and highly specialized human resource training.

- A new wholesale electricity market is being created to promote greater competition in power generation, to keep driving prices down for consumers’ benefit. Public and private companies will participate by selling their energy on an equal footing with the state’s current productive firms.

- A scheme of medium- and long-term electricity auctions was created, which will include clean energy certificates to guarantee that a percentage of the electricity consumed by large users comes from more environmentally-friendly energies.

- Tax incentives will be used to replace machinery and equipment for power generation from renewable sources and efficient cogeneration systems. 

- Mexico has 16,500 megawatts of renewable generation capacity, equivalent to 24.2 percent of its total installed capacity.