During the first three years of President Enrique Peña Nieto's government, actions to move Mexico have translated into figures that show the progress of the national economy.

Thanks to the Structural Reforms, the productive sectors have reported figures that rise as the reforms are implemented.


·        So far during this administration, 1,760,532 jobs have been registered with the IMSS.

Unemployment rate

·        The national rate stood at 4.6%, the lowest since 2008.


·        The annual inflation rate for October is the lowest ever recorded: 2.48%.

Automotive Sector

During the month of October, 119,867 vehicles were sold; the largest sale to the public ever recorded.


·        In October, Sales to Same Stores (which had been operating for over a year) grew at an annual rate of 9.8%.

·        Wholesale sales grew by 5.1% annually in 2014.


·        During the month of August, Gross Fixed Investment grew at an annual growth of 2.9% compared with last year.