Here is a summary of the Third State of the Union Address in Ten Sentences:

1. "What are we going to do as a country regarding the challenges and difficulties facing Mexico? Our answer is clear: we will cope with the challenges with a clarity of purpose and absolute determination."

2. "And let there be no doubt: the Mexican government is using all its capabilities to locate and bring to justice those who escaped it.”

3. "The National Crusade against Hunger has proved to be an effective strategy for combating extreme poverty and hunger."

4. "I would like to thank Mexico's teachers for their openness to change. Thank you very much for being the heart of this great movement in favor of children and youth.”

5. "Honoring my word to Mexicans, I will not propose new taxes or increase existing ones, which of course means that there will be no VAT on medicines or food.”

6. Therefore, given the reduction in oil revenues, we will not raise taxes, or bring the country into debt; it's up to the government to tighten its belt. In other words, the government has to spend less and more wisely.”

7. “Through sweeping reforms, major infrastructure projects, public policies for productivity and job-creating investments, the Mexican economy is advancing.”

8. “These 10 measures have clear objectives. By which I mean strengthening the rule of law; boosting economic growth; and combating inequality. “These will be our priorities during the second half of this administration,” he said.

9. “My responsibility is to advance without dividing; reform without excluding and transform without destroying."

10. “As President, I am determined to use all my passion, dedication and commitment to make this happen. It is with this conviction that we will begin the second half of this administration with a great deal of enthusiasm and greater strength.”