Earlier today, for the second year running, President Enrique Peña Nieto socialized with members of the Armed Forces who participated in the military parade commemorating the anniversary of Mexican Independence.

The president told members of the Armed Forces that their everyday work, “Is promoting and making a major contribution to the transformation and prosperity of our country”.

On behalf of Mexican society, the government thanks the Armed Forces for their daily commitment.

“Let us redouble our efforts, and march forward in our daily tasks throughout the country, to continue forging a nation, to continue building a better nation of which we can feel prouder every day”: EPN

He urged them to feel, “Proud of Mexico, which is driving a sweeping change so that future generations will have better quality education.

“People rarely mention the good things that happen every day, but they count for a lot. They change the life histories of many Mexicans, many people, who feel that members of our armed forces are close to them throughout the country.  They recognize  and appreciate the fact that this presence and proximity enables them to build a successful life story”. EPN