President Enrique Peña Nieto began a state visit to Canada in “La Belle Province,” Quebec.

The links between Quebec and Mexico, are deep, fraternal and extremely close, and based on the Latin roots of both peoples. The friendship between Quebecers and Mexicans began in 1931, after the opening of the Consulate General of Mexico in Montreal, 13 years before the formal start of diplomatic relations between Mexico and Canada  in 1944.

Mexico is Quebec’s sixth largest trading partner. In 2015, trade flows stood at $3 billion Canadian dollars, in other words, 7 times more than in 1993, before the entry into force of NAFTA.

Quebec is an important source of foreign direct investment for Mexico. There are currently hundreds of companies with Quebec capital, creating jobs and development.

Bilateral cooperation agreements

  1. It was agreed that the Joint Cooperation Committee, established in October 2015, will meet for the first time this year. The Committee's main function is to identify priority areas for mutual cooperation, through a commission formed by members of both governments. Quebec only has one other similar mechanism, with France.
  2. The topics agreed for the agenda of this Committee are: climate change, renewable energy, digital economy, education and culture.
  3. Five cooperation agreements on priority issues were signed. Highlights include instruments to increase university student and researcher exchanges.
  4. It was agreed to hold a meeting on carbon markets in Mexico in 2016, to advance the environmental agenda.

Economic exchanges

Quebec and Mexico have built a privileged relationship, reflected in growing economic exchange.

In 2015, bilateral trade stood at $3 billion Canadian dollars, nearly seven times the amount in 1993 prior to the entry into force of NAFTA.

Each year, more than 350,000 tourists from Quebec visit Mexico.

There is a comprehensive academic, technological and cultural cooperation program, in addition to common positions on global issues, such as environmental protection.