President Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated the Second Floor of the Raised Puebla Viaduct, an infrastructure work that is an example of the way the government supports projects and works in conjunction with state governments, regardless of their political affiliation.

“The government has attempted to achieve and will continue to strive for this premise, regardless of the party to which a state government belongs. What matters is for Mexico to do well and advance the development of more infrastructure that will promote conditions of greater well-being and better quality of life for Mexican society. That is the government’s current priority and form of government”: EPN

He also celebrated Roadbuilders’ Day:

"Those who through their work and daily commitment enable Mexico to be a nation with better road links, which has more roads, better freeways, highways and communication routes that bring our communities, the various states in the country and our people closer together”: EPN

Highway Infrastructure

  • More than 80% of national production is transported via the country’s highways and roads.
  • In four years, $300 million pesos have been invested in public and private participation schemes to build, upgrade and maintain roads, virtually the same amount as in the whole of the previous administration.
  • To date, 28 of the 52 highways to be completed during this administration have been delivered together with 57 federal highways, whether built or modernized, of the 80 promised.
  • In the state of Puebla, seven major works have been completed as a result of an investment of over 27 million pesos.
  • The expansion of this highway was recently inaugurated in the section that crossing Valle de Chalco in the State of Mexico, benefiting nearly 150,000 vehicles per day in that stretch alone.

Second Storey of Raised Puebla Viaduct

  • It required a public-private investment of 10.5  billion pesos (5 million pesos of federal public investment). 
  • The Viaduct  goes from the Volkswagen Plant to the Cuauhtémoc  stadium and will be compulsory for vehicles traveling between the central and southeastern region of the country.
  • 11 thousand vehicles will circulate daily, benefiting an estimated 1.5 million people.
  • This work, coupled with the expansion of the highway on the Valle de Chalco stretch, will enable a person who used to take four and a half hours to travel from Mexico City to Orizaba to do this in three hours. 
  • The work will boost the economic development of the state, and consolidate Puebla as an automotive cluster. Puebla is the second largest producer of cars in the country (after Aguascalientes).
  • As regards FDI, in 4 years, Mexico has attracted $3.3 billion USD, almost the same as the amount received during the whole of the previous administration.

"These works fall within the National Infrastructure Development Plan, where they participate very enthusiastically, I must say, for which I must thank the large construction companies. Many companies are betting on Mexico, providing resources and accompanying the effort to build better infrastructure for our nation”:EPN