The goal of Energy Reform is for Mexico to trigger the generation of more energy, which is better quality, clean, environmentally friendly energy, which is ultimately cheaper energy with a positive impact on the economy of Mexican families.

"It is a reform designed to ensure that our country has greater energy security, has the opportunity to generate energy that will trigger all the productive projects the country needs, and creates spaces of opportunity for more Mexicans.”

Energy Reform has reduced electricity rates paid by Mexicans. The reduction throughout the administration has achieved 39.4% in the industrial sector, up to 23.5% in the commercial sector and 8.7% in the high domestic consumption sector.

March 2016 marked the15th consecutive month of falling electricity rates.  

Clean energies

·   In three years CFE has reduced the burning of fuel oil to generate electricity by 48%.

·   Today it employs 48% less than it used to in 2012 and the aim is to reach 90%.

·    The objective is to ensure that 35% of electricity is generated from clean sources by 2024, 40% is generated by 2035 40%  and 50% by 2050-

·    According to the latest data from CENACE, more than 20% of electricity is already generated by renewable energy.

·    In the specific case of power generated from wind, during this administration, it has more than doubled from 1,327 MW to 3,046 MW.

·    In the past 10 years, it has grown from 2 MW to 3046; in other words, it has multiplied 1,500 times.

·    CFE promotes infrastructure development for power generation and transmission.

·    Eighty-five major infrastructure projects are currently being promoted in 30 states, representing investments of up to $26 billion USD (62 tendered and 23 scheduled for tendering).